Prostate Milking: How to Achieve Prostate Orgasm with Prostate Massage

Prostate massage or prostate milking is becoming more popular than ever before. The more you hear about it, the more you want to know, right?

Well, GIDDI is here to help you learn how to milk the prostate and provide you with the best prostate massager. This ultimate guide to prostate milking will tell you all about the prostate, how to massage the prostate, and how to achieve prostate orgasm.

We will also discuss prostate health and the many health benefits of prostate massage, including prostate massage therapy for erectile dysfunction and how ejaculation frequency can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Now let’s talk about the prostate, sometimes called the male gspot, and achieving multiple prostate orgasms with prostate play.


What & Where is the Prostate?

prostate milking guide

First, let’s talk about what and where the prostate is in the male body. The prostate is a small, walnut-sized gland located about two to three inches inside the male anal passage, just below the bladder. If you like to be analy stimulated, you or your partner will start to feel the prostate and the pleasure that comes from milking prostate, with just an index finger going up the anal passage. The prostate is often called the male gspot because once you start milking your prostate, you’ll have intense prostate milking orgasms.

Second, let’s talk about function. The prostate releases prostatic fluid (aka pre-cum or prostate cum). Semen is made up of several components, including prostatic fluid, sometimes called prostate fluid. Prostatic fluid nourishes and transports sperm, which, if you’re trying to make a baby, is very important since it is transporting sperm to an egg (or two, if twins run in your family) to fertilize it. When you ejaculate, the opening between your urethra (where the cum comes from) and your bladder (where the pee comes from) closes, which is why men can’t cum and pee at the same time.

Pro tip: some men like to use cock rings to delay the release of semen, making them last longer and most likely stimulating their partner longer so they achieve multiple orgasms, including female orgasms.

Back to prostate function! Prostatic fluid can build-up over time without regular ejaculation, causing a swollen prostate. The urethra runs through your prostate gland and if prostate glands are swollen, then that can block urine flow. This is known as prostatic hyperlapsia, aka prostate gland enlargement, and can cause significant pain and discomfort. f you are experiencing pain, please consult a medical professional.


Reasons for Prostate Massage

Approximately 80% of American males will have an issue with their prostate and that number is increasing. Massaging your prostate can provide both health and pleasure benefits. Here are the top three reasons for prostate massage:

Strong Male Orgasm: prostate stimulation can result in longer, more intense male orgasms. You can achieve this level of sexual pleasure with an anal toy, both solo or with a partner.

Overall health and wellness: when people prioritize their health, they often break it down into mental, physical, and spiritual. That’s all good, and remember that sexual health should be included in that too. Mental and physical health include sexual health as well.

Erectile Dysfunction: regularly massaging your prostate releases compressed fluid and can reduce pain and blockage in the prostate gland.

Reduced risk of cancer: prostate massage can lead to more ejaculations and more ejacluations can lower your risk of prostate cancer.

Less pain and discomfort: prostate massage can help release built up prostatic fluid, leading to reduced pain from inflamation.

Sexual Pleasure

Now, let’s talk about anal play. First of all, it’s for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, heterosexual men and women included. The taboos around anal penetration for straight couples are definetely fading, but in this new decade, let’s get rid of them completely!

Reportedly, around a quarter of straight men in America have received anal penetration from an index finger by their female partner pleasuring them inside the rectum. That’s one in every four men! This is a major male enhancement to your pleasure experience. Together, you and your partner canbe the ideal sex machines.

The anal area is full of nerve endings, it’s a knowledge center of pleasure, and achieving an anal orgasm is not hard to do, especially when you massage the prostate. For men with issues achieving and maintaining an erection, this can be incredibly helpful because they can achieve male prostate orgasm without the pressure of getting hard to ejaculate, aka cock milking.

You can also use a sex toy when engaging in anal play. Male sex toys like prostate massagers can provide mindblowing pleasure with a partner or solo. Some are even remote controlled for hands-free massage therapy. Just make sure to use water based lube. Most toys are made with silicone, so water based lube won’t damage the toy. When using lube, apply it to anywhere you’re getting frisky, including the prostate toy and any otheranal toys.

Prostate Health & Wellness

One of the most important things we can take for granted is our health, and prostate health is no different. There are many prostate massage benefits health included. And one of the best things about prostate play is that you can get your prostate stimulated and achieve a prostate orgasm, sometimes called prostate ejaculation. You can easily achieve this solo when you include it in your masturbation techniques.

For centuries, cultures in Asia and elsewhere have recommended prostate massage therapy as a homeopathic remedy to relieve many ailments, including urinary tract symptoms, painful ejaculations, acute prostatitis, and benign prostatic hyperplasia.This is when men have enlarged prostate glands which press on their bladders resulting in an excessive need to urinate but not a lot of urine coming out when they do.

Prostate massage therapy for erectile dysfunction is also something to consider when discussing prostrate milking benefits. Prostate stimulation increases blood circulation which can lead to longer and harder erections.

Along with prostate health is the health of your pelvic floor including pelvic muscle (aka pc muscle) and kegel muscles. These muscles help to control your bladder and urine flow. If you’re interested in kegel exercise, UCLA provides this helpful guide, Kegel Exercises for Men.

One of the biggest male health issues is prostate cancer which affects millions of men. Now, in exciting news, a groundbreaking Harvard University study found that men who ejaculate more frequently are at lower risk for prostate cancer.

“We evaluated whether ejaculation frequency throughout adulthood is related to prostate cancer risk in a large US-based study. We found that men reporting higher compared to lower ejaculatory frequency in adulthood were less likely to be subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer.”

-- Harvard University researchers

Learn more about this in our blog post, Harvard Study: Ejaculation Frequency Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer.

And what better way to ejaculate than with prostate massage therapy which can lead to mind blowing prostate milking orgasms, an intense type of orgasm.

How to Massage the Prostate

Learning how to milk a prostate can be intimidating at first but once you get going, it will start to feel amazing. We also get a lot of questions about how to milk prostate, how to stimulate prostate, finding prostate massage near me, and how to use prostate massager. You can self prostate massage or prostate message with a partner. This will provide a good introduction into how to prostate orgasm, including external and internal prostate massage.

Here is a step-by-step guide in how to milk your prostate: clean up, warm up, lube up, and finally, massaging your prostate. We’ll explain how to stimulate the prostate with both the finger (or fingers) and a prostate massager.

Clean Up Before & After

First of all, make sure you’ve cleaned up appropriately. As incredible as prostrate massage therapy can be, it’s important to remember that feces is stored inside the rectum. And there’s nothing sexy about remnants from the last time you used the bathroom. Before you begin prostate massage, you should wait a few hours after your last bowel movement.

Also, be sure to wash up down there with antibacterial soap, using a washcloth or whatever you use to make sure you’re squeaky clean. Also, make sure your finger nails are trimmed if you’re going to be inserting fingers inside the rectum. If you’re with a partner, taking a shower together can be a fun, sexy way to get cleaned up.

We don’t recommend anal douching unless you know exactly what you’re doing. It can be dangerous if not done correctly. If you’d like to learn more about anal douching, check out this article on Healthline, A Beginner’s Guide to Anal Douching.

After you clean yourself, make sure to clean your toys. We recommend Wicked anal toy cleaner.

Once you’re all clean, and your toys are ready, just relax. Set aside any pre-judgements you have about this pleasure experience. It’s important to keep your sex life fun and exciting, which means exploring new experiences and letting go of some inhibitions. You’ll never know how good a prostate massage orgasm can feel if you don’t try it.

Warm Up & Relax

Start with an external massage around the anus area and make sure to take your time. Massage the area gently with your fingers. External prostate massages can get you really warmed up and get that prostate orgasm feel. And don’t forget the perineum. It’s the area between the anus and the scrotum.

An external massage of the perineum, and having your prostate externally massaged, can feel amazing and get you really warmed up. You, or your partner, can also do a cock massage at the same time. Stimulating both areas can feel amazing. Increasing blood flow to your cock can stimulate rock hard erections and lead to penile orgasm.

Lube Up

It’s always good to apply lubricant to any area where you’re going to be engaging in sexual activity. For prostate massage, and external prostate massage, make sure to use lubricant around the anus area. The anus is full of nerve endings and you want to hit as many as possible. You should also apply it to your prostate massager or other pleasure device.

As part of foreplay, you can apply it to your partner too. Most sex toys are made of silicone, so if you’re using a sex toy, always use water based lube. Other lubes, like oil based, silicone based, or hybrid, can damage the toy.

Learn more about lube in Four Types of Lube and How to Use Them.

How to Find Your Prostate

Now slowly insert one finger into your anus. If one finger feels good, then try two fingers. The prostate is located about three inches up so it may take some time to get there. It is about the size of a walnut and has a similar shape. Go slowly until you find it and always stop immediately if you feel pain.

Massaging Your Prostate

Once you’ve located the prostate, the prostate massage should be a gentle “come hither” motion, with the finger or fingers slowly massaging your prostate. You don’t want to apply too much pressure. This is how to massage your prostate with an index finger. It should feel amazing. If it doesn’t, try to guide your partner or try other positions until it does. If you do feel pain, stop immediately. We suggest a penis massage to get back in the mood.

How to Use a Prostate Massager

Most people prefer using a prostate massager, Especially if you’re going solo, . According to our customers, it’s one of their favorite masturbation techniques. The best devices, like GIDDI Tomo II and Thor, are remote controlled.

With a wireless remote, you can keep the device inside your ass and focus on the pleasure rippling through your body. You can control vibration and motion settings easily and use your hands for a cock massage.

Always be sure to clean any sex toys you will be using with antibacterial soap and dry them with a lint-free towel or cloth. We recommend using the Wicked Foam Toy Cleaner. It’s a healthier alternative to everyday soap and it’s enhanced with olive leaf, thyme, and lavender extracts. You should do this before and after you use your toys.

And make sure to apply water based lube to your anus area and to the device before you get started.

Many people like to start by lying on their back with their knees up, or on their side in the fetal position. If you’re with a partner, some people like to be bent over in a “doggy-style” position with their partner behind them milking the prostate. Doggy style position can also be enjoyed solo of course.

Once you’re in a comfortable position and all lubed up, slowly insert the device inside your ass. Once you have inserted the device, feel free to experiment with all the different vibration and motion settings and figure out what feels good to you. Don’t forget that since prostate massagers are hands-free, you can do a penis massage by hand while the device massages your prostate.

Make sure to breath and relax while enjoying your prostate massage. Never force insertion and always stop immediately if you feel pain. And don’t forget to keep using lube around the anus and on any pleasure device you may be using. While the prostate massager brings you intense pleasure, you can let your inhibitions go and fully enjoy the mind blowing orgasm.

How to Find the Best Prostate Massager for You

There are several factors to consider when finding the right prostate massager for you, and it will come down to personal preference. What size do you like, for example. Some people like big girth and length for that full feeling, while others prefer a gentler approach. Whether you’re new to anal play or an experienced user of prostate massagers, you want a toy that works for you and brings the most pleasure to your entire body.

Gadget Review is a website that provides buying guides to help consumers pick the right products for them. And recently, GIDDI was awarded the Best Overall Prostate Massager for THOR and Best Value Prostate Massager for TOMO by Gadget Review.

Best Prostate Massagers

When reviewing prostate massagers, Gadget Review used five factors:

When buying a sex toy but you really don’t want something cheap going inside your ass but you don’t want to spend more than you can afford either. This is a toy. It should be fun to purchase and use. What you want is the best value.

Shape & Size
The perfect balance of girth and length means the massager feels just right. It should curve up and hit your prostate perfectly.

The best prostate massagers have a dual motor which provides rotation, or come-hither motion, and vibration modes that function simultaneously. With this option, you can stimulate the prostate and perineum at the same time.

Ease of Use
Some massagers are remote controlled and others are manually controlled. GIDDI has both options. THOR has a wireless remote and TOMO is manual. We also have TOMO II which is the same size as TOMO but includes a wireless remote control.

Battery Life & Recharge Time
Making sure your sex toy keeps going until you achieve orgasm is probably the most important thing, and that means long battery life and quick recharge time. That way, when you’re ready to go again, after refractory periods, your prostate massager is too.

In Gadget Review’s Best Prostate Massagers, they reviewed top prostate massagers from GIDDI, Aneros, Lelo Hugo, Nexus Revo, and many more, and chose nine products to highlight. There are products not included in this list, like Aneros Helix Syn and Hot Octopuss. Each of these products have different attributes and models.

Learn more about THOR, TOMO, and TOMO II. And for couples, there’s MOBY by GIDDI, one of the best vibrating cock rings.

If you’re new to prostate massage looking for a little less girth, we recommend starting with TOMO. Checkout 8 Things to Know about the TOMO Prostate Massager.

Prostate Milking Techniques

We hope you’re finding this guide to prostate massage helpful. Stimulating the prostate has fantastic health benefits and can bring you incredible sexual pleasure, so why the taboo around prostate play? We think it has something to do with a lack of knowledge on how best to stimulate your prostate. Massaging your prostate isn’t complicated, you or your partner can do it with a finger (or fingers) or sex toy, including male sex toys.

Once you’ve located the prostate, there are four basic masturbation techniques to prostate milk:

Come-hither motion
This is the motion that TOMO creates, and you can do it with a finger as well. Curl the finger up so it follows the curve of your body, toward your belly button. Then move the finger as if you’re beckoning someone to come towards you in a “come-hither motion.” Start slowly with this motion and then go faster as you start to feel the pressure build.

Ring the doorbell
This is one of the motions that THOR creates, and you can do it with a finger as well. Rest your finger on the prostate and then gently push on it like you are ringing a doorbell. You can experiment with this by applying less or more pressure and holding it for a few seconds and then releasing.

This one one of the motions that THOR creates, and you can do it with a finger as well. Run the finger all around the perimeter of the prostate gland in a circular motion. You can experiment with applying less or more pressure and keep circling gently and slowly as you begin to get that about to orgasm feel.

Vibration Mimicking
Most prostate massagers have vibration modes. THOR has eight vibration modes and TOMO (and TOMO II) has sixteen vibration modes. Any motion that feels good can mimic the feeling of a vibrator if you speed it up enough. This can get pretty painful on your arm and wrist, so we recommend using a prostate massager for powerful, convenient vibrations.

Though all of the above techniques can be done with a finger, or fingers, for a truly convenient and relaxing experience, we recommend using a prostate massager. And if you like, in addition you can use cock rings, penis sleeves, sex dolls, male masturbator device, or a butt plug, depending on what feels good to you when milking cock during your pleasure experience.

We hope this guide to prostate milking was helpful, and that you now know how to have a prostate orgasm. Always be kind to your behind, and remember, with GIDDI, pleasure is yours.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided here within is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition. Users of GIDDI products do so at their own risk. Neither GIDDI nor its associated interests assume any responsibility or liability for the use of GIDDI products. GIDDI reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes from time to time in the contents here of without obligation to notify any person of such revisions or changes.

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