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By far the best

Thor is great! The size fills me up just right and feels SO good. I still haven't cycled through all the settings - I just don't make it that far, but I'm sure the are all awesome. I was hesitant about the price but it has well been worth it. Simply amazing.

Mind blown

Giddi has hit the mark with the Thor. Thor hits the mark perfectly as well. I've had and still have several massagers. All different types and variations. I've been looking and poking around for that walnut for quite a few years but could never really find it until recently. Well, actually I wasn't the one that found it. It was in fact my wife who found it and showed me where it was. Afterwards I started looking for a good massager. Well, I didn't find a good one. To say the Thor is a "good" massager would be an injustice and insult to the engineers/designers at Giddi. The Thor is quite simply, AMAZING! Never before have I had a massager of this caliber.
Was it a little on the expensive side? Yes, it was expensive. But it was worth every damn penny and if it ever breaks or is lost, I will definitely buy another one. In fact, I'm going to buy another one when I'm finished with this review just so I know if something happens, I have back up. Nothing like having Thor cover your 6. I do recommend filling out the match up questionnaire provided so you can get the massager that will serve you best. I filled it out 3 times just to be sure which one was best for me. Apparently I'm a slut that likes them big and rough because I was matched with Thor all three times. Now for the results I received from my massager. Two words...MIND BLOWN!!! You ever have great sex with a woman where after she has an orgasm she can't even walk or talk but you see nothing but satisfaction on her face, leaving you to wonder how the orgasm felt to her? Yeah, me too but I don't wonder how it felt to her anymore because I now know. The orgasms I receive have been nothing short of amazing. My legs become weak, I can't think clearly and I can't put together the simplest of sentences. I basically become mentally challenged and disabled for about 10 minutes afterwards. I'm 52 years old and up until recently I was okay with only having sex onve per month, it that much. My wife is 31 and is constantly horny. I've found it difficult to keep up with her. Until Thor was delivered to my doorstep. I've been acting like I'm in my 20's again. I'm back to 3 times per day. I never thought I could be this way ever again. I honestly thought my sex life was over and had become a thing of the past. So if you have a low sex drive I recommend you order today. If you have a high sex drive, I recommend you order today. The only regret you will have is that you didn't order sooner. POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!

Just great

I bought thing as a birthday present for my husband. After we used it he told me it was the best present he ever got. He was a beginner with anal play, and this is the perfect size. I’m sure we could have got the thicker one too. He uses this a few times a week. It lasts the test of time and is easy to clean. if your on the fence just get it you won’t be disappointed

Great toy but the instructions are unclear. Try this before going to customer service

I just got this yesterday, charged it up per the enclosed instructions. The first couple of times I tried to use it, once I shut it off it would not turn back on and the charging light flashed each time (after recharging the first time). And then I emailed customer service . (no answer yet, but it's a holiday weekend here in the US).

It turns out I was turning in on all wrong! The instructions say to "hold the power button for two seconds." But what you need to do is hold the power button till the light goes on, let go then use either the remote power button or the power button on the unit to turn on.

I also found out (not in the instructions either) that you can cycle through the massage patterns with the power button on the unit itself.

I get the feeling that the department writing the instructions must REALLY HATE the customer service team! LOL! Anyway, the customer service auto-reply e-mail gave me a chance to reply with what I just said.

If the instruction manual gets a rewrite - 5 Stars! I was gonna take off a star but after using Thor, all is forgiven.

Just use lots of lube, relax, don't push when things start getting painful, just again, relax! I'm a bit of a beginner, and this advise works!

Have fun!


Awesome device


Awesome device

Well worth it!

I have tried similar toys with mixed success, but these are the winner for sure. It’s nice to have both options found in the bundle and both have helped me achieve multiple O’s in a session. Excellent build quality and easy to clean. 5 stars and an easy recommend.

This is, by far, the best prostate massager I’ve used. This massager delivered the ecstasy I’ve been looking for in a prostate massager for a long time.

More than I expected

While I did not reach a hands-free orgasm, my prostategot a great workout.. I tried all modes and after I tried to shut it off and it kept running,, I just re-inserted it for more pleasure. Really like it!

Feels good. Different positions definetly help add more stimulation

Def worth the purchase

Once in and you find the right spot the feeling is amazing. Maybe the depth or angle would help but I found specific positions for body would help. Def recommend

Way way Too Small

After purchasing Thor and being intrigued, I thought I'd go for the Moby ring as well. This is the tiniest ring on the market and almost impossible to fit into. Once you do stretch it way out and manage to get in, the constriction is so tight there is no pleasure. Additionally, the vibrations are very subtle. I think this product needs redesigning.


Great, explosive orgasms with using the TOMO II ~ it DEFINITELY hit the spot and I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who has an interest in experiencing mind-blowing orgasms!! You WON'T be disappointed!!!

Hot times

Wow Wow. I started with the Tomo because I did not think I could take the Thor. And I was right I had to work with the Tomo at first and then it become easy. Loved using it cam hard. Then I wanted to see what Thor was all about so I bought it too. It is huge. Worked at it and now. Love it. Love the rotation sometimes miss the come here motion so from time to time still go back to Tomo. Love the alone times.


Love the fullness feeling and the varying vibrations are strong and get the job done.

Works great

This product is the best thing I ever spent money on never had such and intense orgasm in my life until I purchased this toy I definitely recommend this to anyone


Works very nice and helps keep me hard

Worth the investment

Everything the site indicates about Thor is true. It is designed and meant for a "fuller" feeling and if that is your objective Thor is for you. Wife and I use it as she is open to positioning
Have not tried alone as yet but the feel in the hand and the power of the movement is as advertised. May also look at getting the smaller one with the "come hither"

A bit too small

Well, it works but it is a bit smaller than other similar devices, mainly circumference. Works well otherwise. Give it some time to get a “therapeutic” benefit.

Hits the Perfect Spot

Every single time I’ve used this I’ve had a P-Orgasm. It’s got a decent amount of girth but once you adjust to it you won’t go back. Hits the right spot every time and couldn’t recommend it any higher.

Thor, if you bottom

I debated on getting the Thor or Tomo II. The website description makes it seem like Thor is super large. Maybe it is for those that are very very new to anal play or people who have never bottomed. I did my homework, and measured my partner's penis, and realized that Thor is not that big and all. Once I got Thor, I realized my research was spot on. I mean, the thickest part of Thor can, maybe, be a little difficult to get through, but as they say in anal play, RELAX! - and yep, fits perfectly. I will say that I do wish there was a screen or app to figure out what setting the vibration/rotation it is in. I seem to be clicking the buttons several times trying to figure out the setting I want. But at the end of the day, if you have receptive anal sex (bottom) regularly, you may find that the Thor is not that big at all. Go for it!

Pleasing Device

I am an older big man and using this device at first I thought it would not reach the SPOT. Was I ever wrong! Not only did it reach my spot but it brought me to a very powerful climax in record time. The various settings really make this a wonderful device and the come-hither motion OOHLALA
I highly recommend this product to anyone wishing to experience the joy of prostrate stimulation and anal play

Perfect Fit

Great fit. Stays put leaving one open to doing a full range of oral and genital action. Highly pleasurable multiple orgasms!!

Hits the spot

I love the feel of this, the massaging head is triple A+. keeps me hard and although I have not had a P orgasm I am close. Top notch, way better than more expensive P massagers I could mention. Thanks!

There is a lot of stuff you shouldn’t put in your butt! This however…YES!

First, it just feels good. I could lay there and just let it do it’s thing. Great addition to masturbation and makes receiving oral sex AMAZING! Explosive orgasms. Do yourself a favor and get one. Could be a little bigger but I’m a bigger guy. Overall very happy.