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Thor oughly pleased!

As others have said, the size takes some getting used to. Don’t rush, relax and enjoy. Still lots to learn but dollar per hour of enjoyment makes it really inexpensive enjoyment. I would highly recommend it for sure.

Thor hands down is the best device I've owned. I wish it was a little bigger or maybe angle in towards the prostate just a bit more...just a little. That's my only criticism on it though. And I think that's just because not every prostate is going to be in the exact same location on every person
Definitely worth the money. The battery lasts a LONG time. Other brands I've used, just as I was getting close....dead. The device isn't the only thing was outstanding about Giddi though. I'm not sure why but after about a month my Thor had broke right at the base of the rotator. Probably just a bad egg. It happens. I was expecting the warranty process to be a bit more of a headache but my warranty was honored and it was done in a timely manner. When talking to a customer service rep, they were respectful and listened to my concerns. So not only do you get a damn good device but you get great customer service and a warranty that will be honored should something happen to your device. That's a win win.

Finally achieved the (several) Big Os! A kaleidoscope of undulating pleasure

I purchased the Tomo II first, the the Thor a few weeks later. Both were pleasant but no mind-blowing orgasm—until yesterday! I had several hours to myself. I had a shower, a soothing bath with essential oils and inserted the Thor. It was soothing and pleasant. I then switched to my Tomo II. I soon experienced wave after wave of the the most full-bodied undulating waves of pleasure. It was like every cell and nerve in my body became a kaleidoscope of amazing and changing sensations. The orgasms came and repeated. Each time slightly different and almost spiritual. I thought, "this must be like the beginning of the universe after the Big Bang." I thought I might never actually experience a P-spot orgasm—now I know what I've been missing out on—until now. I'm glad I kept experimenting and discovering my own body. These two Giddi products are well-made and perfectly designed for men.

Ooooh, aaaaah!

About the 4th time I used this remarkable device, I had an explosive orgasm!!! Rubber like knees for about 3 hours. I loved it!

Hoping it gets me the big one

I have had prostate surgery in the past, and other massagers just weren’t getting the job done. Thought I’d try the Thor, even though I’m really still a novice at this. The size can be be a little intimidating, but if you relax and take your time, it slides right into place. It is definitely a full feeling. After a little adjustment to my body position (legs stretched out and slightly propped up), Thor started giving me sensations the other massagers couldn’t duplicate. While I haven’t achieved a super O as of yet, my orgasms have definitely felt better and stronger. In time, I hope I can report back that Thor has helped me reach those super P Spot orgasms that others write so glowingly about. Meantime, my wife is having fun making me submit while she inserts something into me!


This was my first time trying any sort of prostate massager. I can say I’m in heaven with Thor. The seemingly endless vibration settings, rotating head, and the satisfying full feeling it gives was enough on the first go of this for me to fall in love. I’ll admit I haven’t reached orgasm anally as of yet, but I’m definitely willing to keep giving it a try! Amazing toy, would definitely recommend!

Very good but have not had a pspot orgasim

Yes. I love the Thor. Feel full anally. Been having fun with it. Can't get enough, but have not reached orgasim alone with Thor. Masturbating at the same time after vibrator effects of the taint area. I've reached an incredible orgasim all the time. Exceptional!


Fantastic product, high quality without an outrageous price. Give it a shot

Saving Grace

This massager provides a solid hour or more of pleasure every use and recharges in one hour. Defiy a worthwhile investment . It's so good, I bought two of them just in case one fails. Personal physician also agrees that prostate massagers are not a homosexual thing but a a healthy necessary thing for men over 50 years.


I really enjoyed the Tomo. I’m gonna get the Thor now can’t wait!

Come Hither Tomo II

Couldn't be happier, it's not intrusive yet more like a welcome visitor, it's not intrusive but rather it's delightful. It is not an ordinary, run of the ....bum device, it is different than any other toy I own and I have more than a couple. It's a great addition to my collection, buy it, try it, you have nothing like it!

Awake again

As a 53 year old man I never had any sensation in the rear or enjoyed anal play . I guess I was numb in the rear region . But ,my experience with my tomo II certainly woke me up. I feel alive I have great erections and unbelievable orgasms. I highly recommend this product. I’m incredibly happy to “Feel Alive Again”

Very happy

Great product

I couldn't decide between the Thor and Tomo.I finally ordered the Thor.
I will tell you that the girth in the middle takes some getting used to.
I am pretty experienced with prostate toys.I found that taking a hot bath before playtime and using lots of water based lube helps.You need to be fully relaxed and take your time inserting the Thor.
Once it's fully in the feeling of fullness is amazing.
I used the remote to cycle through the different settings.I found that propping your feet up on pillows adds to the sensations and intensified the pleasure even more.Well worth the $150.

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The Thor will definitely give you that full sensation. It took some work getting the toy in place, but you are rewarded with some great stimulation. Still trying to decide whether I prefer the rotation or the come hither motion. More testing (enjoyment) will be required. My girlfriend loves the way it makes me squirm.

Pushed Me to New Limits and Hands-Free Ecstasy!

Combined with my long-term cum denial play with my Master, I can be sure to say these products are one of a kind. Depending on what kind of person you are, and what pressures you enjoy, have both options of Thor and Tomo II is a game changer. Thor stays in place better no matter what kind of position, and its light rotating motion gives you more of a dragged out milking. While Tomo II has bigger powerful strides and strokes, which helped me achieve my first ever prostate only ejaculation (or three). The additional clean up foam is very nice, although the lube is a bit too watery for my liking. All in all, if you can't decide, or if you like variety, the bundle is a non regrettable investment.

Pleased, but still waiting for the BIG O.

I am new to anal play and find my new Tomo II well made and easy to use. It feels interesting when used but I have not yet experienced a P-spot orgasm. I am willing to experiment and hopefully will get the BIG O soon. I also bought the UV Sterilizer Bag and feel much safer using the UV Bag after thoroughly washing with the disinfecting foam.


Have had the Tomo ll for a couple of weeks now and have used it twice.
Am still experimenting with it.
So far... WOW!

Great feeling

Great toy! Haven’t been able to achieve hands free orgasm…but has definitely made my orgasms better!! It did break after 2 months but they quickly sent a replacement. Awesome customer service! Definitely want to try the Thor if it becomes a little cheaper

Great feeling

Great toy! Haven’t been able to achieve hands free orgasm…but has definitely made my orgasms better!! It did break after 2 months but they quickly sent a replacement. Awesome customer service! Definitely want to try the Thor if it becomes a little cheaper

Thor is Amazing

This is my second prostate massager and because I was not receiving enough stimulation from the first, I decided to get one that was larger, could vibrate hands-free, and could target the prostate. I decided on the Thor and realized it was much bigger than I’d thought, but eventually was able to take it after a few sessions. I will say that the first time it was inside the fullness I got was amazing. The insertion itself was almost enough to bring me to orgasm, but I still need to play with it a couple more times to achieve a true prostate orgasm. There was definitely care put into making the Thor and you can tell each vibration pattern is unique from the last, with the circular motion of the head just adding to the stimulation to the prostate. Definitely a premium and solid product but would recommend to more experienced anal enthusiasts as the size is definitely harder to adjust to if you are on the beginner side.


Great toy and safe Tomo II very pleasing may have to get Thor and try it.

Thor Rotating Prostate Massager
Over and over it makes me scream

I have had a few P toys but this one as I sit on the edge of the bed takes me places I have never been before. My body is screaming for more and my voice certainly gets very loud as I reach on going orgasm after orgasm

Great product, great customer service

The Thor is the best product and it’s class for my experience. And I have purchased multiple of these and even when one broke, they replaced it for free inside of the one-year warranty. I hope they continue making new products because I will keep trying them all!!