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Worth trying

Good quality and worth trying.

Thank you for choosing GIDDI! Glad to hear you liked it!

Great value

Excellent value and quality

Like how it's supposed to be! Thank you for your feedback! :)


Well-built, enjoyable toy--it makes my personal play intensely enjoyable. I have to admit it's a bit addictive, but it makes orgasms much more satisfying.

Happy to hear that you enjoyed it! Hoping you can try our other toys for more intense orgasms! :)

Vulcan is so nice

The first time I used the Vulcan, I first had a penis orgasm, and right after that orgasm was finishing the P orgasm started and wouldn’t stop. I just wish I got the Vulcan sooner!

So glad to hear that you are very satisfied with Vulcan! Thank you for your purchase!

Very intense

Oh my, never felt something like this massage prostate like this. Ass in the air, and girlfriend stroking me, like she milking a cow. Organism was intense!!! A little tough getting in at first, lots of lube, but not going to fall out, and can walk around with it in. May look to order the other one too.

Nice! Thanks for sharing your experience! Glad that you're more than satisfied! Looking forward to your next purchase, Jerry! :)

Great when HIGH

I have never experienced such intense orgasms before. It is much more enjoyable when you are high on cannabis and orgasms for me last as long as 15 minutes

It took me a few times using this vibrater to experience an orgasm but once I was high I was blessed with my first big O from it. OMG!!!

The prostate orgasms are so different from a normal orgasm you get from masturbating, longer and stronger. I notice however I don’t ejaculate during a prostate orgasm even if I am masturbating. Want a mind blowing 15 minute or longer orgasm then get stoned and use Tomo 2 and masturbate at the same time

You won’t regret this purchase

Thanks for the feedback, Mark! Looks like you really loved Tomo II!

Dammn, Tomo 2!

Ok so I have tried a few prostate massagers and plugs over the past year (never had prior to). There were a couple that could add stimulation and a couple that were just not for me. Tried an Aeneros model that was great but still not it. Tried Thor, the BEAST, which after much effort didn't feel bad but was way too much for my hole after a few uses (may revisit later, however). Tried a regular plug shaped for pleasure, nope. This fucking Tomo!!! Brugh, I was intimidated by the shape and size tbh but once I got that fucker in there ...dude, it has made fucking takeoff! I am 6'2 sturdy build and just thought nothing would actually hit the P but man stellar for me is all I can say! Just wish I found it sooner.

Thanks Bravo! So glad you are enjoying Tomo II :)

First time user

Got the Thor as a first time prostate massager. Tried to use it while having sex with my wife and it seemed to be a bit overwhelming. I had to use it a couple times on my own to really feel what’s going on and I can say that I love it. I am able to have multiple orgasms, not just ejaculation. I am not hooked on using it.

Thanks William! So glad Thor is working for you as a first time user and that you are enjoying multiple orgasms :)

need no man

one hit of the poppers and it felt like i was getting fucked. worth every dollar!

Thanks Ansaar! So glad you are enjoying Tomo :)

Thor Hygiene Bundle

Fast shipping. Item exactly as described. Giddi provided an excellent online experience. I would not hesitate to buy from them again and I would recommend them to anyone.

Thanks for the recommendation, Bill! Our pleasure to serve you. :)


This is my first use of a prostate toy. It was a bit difficult to insert at first but after a few mins it slipped right in. I've never felt such pleasure before. I oozed out not stop precut for over 30 mins. At the end I never cam so much. Felt like a shot glass came out if me. Highly recommend this.

Wow! So glad about your first time experience using our toy! :)

1st time massager use

Got the tomo was my first prostate massager..I really had no idea what to expect or what to feel..never had my prostate massaged. The first time I tried it..didnt feel anything..but I was not relaxed, or truly sexually stimulated because let's face it..some guys have never inserted anything up their ass. I expected it to go fast...wrong! It was a complete failure. Did some research, Tried it again in a relaxed setting, combined it with some penile stimulation...and in about 10 minutes I had an overwhelming sensation run through my was amazing! That sensation latest for quite some time until I blew my load. And what a load it was! Guys who have never tried is a must! And have your partner participate. It frees your hands completely (basically no messing with the controller) and your partner can assist in creating that relax setting that is needed for weary newbies.


Never have I experienced such a powerful climax in my life, absolutely amazing

Like riding a miniature Magic Wand

This thing is powerful. It will shake your booty. It delivered spasm after spasm and made a huge mess in my panties.


My life has changed, I don't need a partner to feel pleasure, I do it on my own and enjoy so much!!

Oh yeah

Took a little while to relax and find the right position and settings for me but I was unprepared for how much I would enjoy the Tomo come hither. After about 15 minutes just relaxing and watching a video it begins to hit me in waves.. I can use this for about an hour before I fear my eyes rolling permanently into the back of my head. Mind blowing game changer…. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed not touching myself as much as this. 100% satisfied wow, thanks so much!!!


Wow! Amazing product! If you’re looking for that Super O this is the ticket. Great feel with tremendous reward. The more I use, the more I like!


Didn’t reach my prostate I was very disappointed

Wow I never knew

The feeling I get from using the Tomo II is amazing! I want to use it as often as I can. This is a great product. The quality is superb.
Happy sexual health!!

Very good

I loved the vibration and movement, this is my first massager and won't be my last!


I love the Thor and the different vibrations and rotations that are available. Haven’t had a hands free orgasm yet but the prostate orgasms are really great.


The tomo 2 paired with the supplied lube ended in a amazing experience. My wife and I had great fun with this. She was fully in charge with the remote in hand.

Best toy yet!

The Thor is great, and the best toy I've ever used. The stimulation is incredible, with both the rotation and vibrations. I used it for about an hour and I was still feeling it a couple of hours later. If you're interested in prostate stimulation, this is definitely the one to get! I would highly recommend it!

Top Notch

I love trying new toys and have a ton in my collection. Thor is now solidly in my top 3, and might become my #1.

It's well made, and fits right where it should. The rotating tip is unique amongst the toys I've tried, and really helps with a nice ow build up of pleasure.

Full disclosure, I'm writing this review for the discount because I will be purchasing the Tomo II asap to see how it compares.

Highly recommended. You won't be disappointed.

Long time Coming

For this great Little Toy . A the great little feelings down there it produces . Wow! Jus luv it !