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I haven been chasing the elusive Prostate Orgasm for years…tried numerous devices with no results. I’ve had the Tomo II for a few months, and was still not able to “get there”…until I finally found just the right technique that works for me (face down, knees tucked under me, ass up/ and, as a previous reviewer mentioned, I had to reach back and hold the base firmly so the “come hither” motion would be focused on the internal part.) I had to just completely relax and focus on the journey, not the destination…but after about 30 minutes, I had literally the most intense orgasmic experience of my entire life. The best part: it just went on and on and on! Even better: after a few minutes, it happened AGAIN! Even better still: after a few more minutes…it happened a THIRD TIME! By this point, I was trembling and completely drained both physically and emotionally.
Easily worth every penny I paid for it, and now that I have the technique figured out I’ll most likely have to order another one…because I have the feeling that I’m going to wear this one out from constant use.

Thank you for the honest feedback, Brian!

Take it to the next level

Love the Vulcan! Been looking for a cock ring and prostate massager that’s simple, well made, and can perform for a long time. This thing rocks! My wife loves to have control over the vibration patterns and she is quite pleased with the results. It’s taken our sex life to the next level!

Amazing! Hope you can try our other products and explore!

Wow.. absolutely unbelievable

I've owned several prostate massager over the years but none of them hit the perfect amount of pressure as the tomo 2.. unbelievable how much different I feel even the day after a prostate orgasm.. out of this world.. I'm definitely gonna order thor.Thor.. thanks giddi

Perfect! I am happy you were satisfied! Thank you!

All I can say is WOW Wow .I have used Thor two times. He is big just need to go slow inserting him. My first time I can so hard wow. Just used Thor yesterday for two hours going from one setting to another setting finding the right one to make me come all over and boy I came but I started to pull on my cock and came one more time. A big thanks to Giddi .

Thank you, Gale! You can never go wrong with GIDDI!


Being very new to all this, I am fortunate to have a very understanding wife in my quest and curiosity of P-spot orgasms. This little beauty got me there the second time I used it. I’m very happy with the product and can’t wait to use it again and again. I’ll be buying the larger one next!

Thanks, Scott! I am happy you were satisfied!

So far so good.

I like the massager over all however there is a definite learning curve like any other toy, practice makes for a better experience. The size is just right, I'm very new to the prostate game and at first glance it looks intimidating but if you start slow it ends up being very comfortable. I haven't figured out the remote control yet but I'm pretty confident It's user error. I have learned in order to get the "come heather motion" you'll need to keep your hand on it otherwise the outside part of the device moves while the inside stays stationary.

Thanks, Ray! Really takes time. I am glad you liked it!

Good but slips out

Dood design and function, but I wish the wide part were Wider. It slips out unless held in place. If it were in place, it would be wonderful.

Great, as Advertised

Very satisfied with this purchase. I’ve tried a prostate stimulator or two which were primarily vibrators, but they didn’t do much for me, although they felt okay. The “come hither” stimulation seemed like it could be a good step up, and I wasn’t disappointed. Definitely the way to go, and I’d recommend it, even for beginners as a number of the motion options are quite gentle. I wish the vibrator in the base was stronger and operated at a lower frequency, as its effect almost gets lost with the other motion. The remote worked fine for me and I wouldn’t want to be without it, as having to manipulate the buttons on the unit while attempting to use it would certainly dampen the experience.

Thanks, David! I am really glad to know that you were satisfied by this purchase!

Give it a spin

Perfectly sized. I haven't found that perfect spot for the hands free experience, but getting closer and closer.

Nice to know, Paul! Thank you and enjoy!


Thor is my go too massager, it hits the spot everytime, the full body orgasm is intense it makes my eyes tear up and hands free ejaculation just WOW. Just get it you wont be desapointed.

Nice, Jonathan! That's Giddi's goal! Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy!

A good starter vibe.

It's a nice prostate massager. I wish it came with a remote. The wiggling speed of the come hither tip lessens when inside you. I wish it had a faster wiggling speed as well. The different vibrating cycles are just fine.

Hi Linn, thank you. Maybe you'd like to try Tomo II. This comes with a remote!

Tommo II Initial Impresions

Good choice for early adopters

Feels & Looks Quality

I dont usually do reviews, but in this case I had to make an exception, I'm loving the design of this plug in particular after trying many and being unimpressed, I am very pleased I purchased this one, I love the addition of the ring(s) as it not only adds to the pleasure but also means that the plug will not simply fall out at a crucial time, like many others out there, I also love the sublety of the first vibe mode, as its both quiet (wont disturb others) & its 1st vibe option is the gentle but pleasurable mode and also means that the fun isnt over in seconds, meaning I can take my time and am allowed to get used to the sensations, the others are great as well but these are louder and more agressive, and personally I prefer the gentle mode(s) The 1st one being my favourite, Pulse mode is my second favourite, though being sensitive I did explode quicker!
This plug is also very comfortable to hold/use and clean!
I can feel the quality of this plug and I can easily recommend it :)

Thank you, Steven! It is our goal to stand out and give you 100% satisfaction!

Tomo II is really good!

Tried Tomo II and feels awesome. Somewhat addicting. I like it much better than Thor. My only complaint is the remote isn’t that great on Tomo II but since the massager has two buttons on it (one for vibration and the other for Come Hither motion), I find it easier to control the settings that way. Tried Thor and it was just too big for me and wasn’t comfortable at all. Thor is also difficult to control the settings since it only has one button on the massager, however Thor’s remote is better than Tomo’s. I just didn’t have a good experience with Thor. I saw the great reviews for Thor but it isn’t what I like.

If you are looking for a nice enjoyable prostate massage, I recommend the Tomo II which is really good.

Wow! I understand why you're addicted to it. Thanks! I understand that you connected well with Tomo II than Thor. That is still good!

Excellent device

First time I used it , it worked beautifully for me found my sweet spot almost immediately! Since then am struggling a bit to repeat the experience but I will persevere. This is a very well made device which performs really well. Perfect form and function. Enjoy..

We are delighted to hear that! Continue enjoying!

Tomo II - Wow!

I was not sure what to expect, but Tomo II delivers. The sensation starts slow, but then slowly and surely I sense tingling “shocks” that build and I feel all over my body. I don’t know about others, but it happens every time for me, just building, until I have both an internal and external orgasm. I love it so much that Thor may be a next purchase.

Thanks, Mitchell! Glad to impress you!

customer service

My Vulcan died after one use. I contacted customer support and got the instructions for verification. Sent them the video of what happened.
Had warranty replacement within a week. No problems since.
It's great once you get it in the right position.

Our pleasure to serve you, Robert!

Great Product ,would buy from again

Love this item

Thanks, Roman! More orgasms to go!

Cum hither

Best p-spot massager I've found so far. Love the come hither motion. Mind blowing orgasms.

Hi James,

Nice to know that we did not disappoint! Thank you for your support!

The Holy Grail

I am 74 years old. My only sexual gratification is by hand. Then I remembered that I had a prostate and it needed some stimulation. Hello Giddy! Took a walk on the wild side and ordered the Tomo. After a few sessions with it I got it. Unbelievable pleasure at any speed and at any vibration! I use it every night at bedtime to relax and love the feeling in my ass. Something I have never experienced before. I stimulate my prostate for three or four days and then I masturbate to a long thrilling climax. This should be illegal for a man of my age. I go through each day with a smile on my face waiting for bedtime. I highly recommend this especially to us older men who need a thrill. Enjoy!

Amazing! Tomo is really one of a kind. Thanks for choosing GIDDI!

Mind blown

I was initially skeptical but when I kept hearing and reading what a gamechanger this was I figured why not. I've never been happier to be wrong. This thing puts me on another planet.

Wow! Our pleasure to have brought you into another planet!

Exactly what I wanted

I was searching for a decent massager and disappointed with what I found at the local shops. This guy hits the SPOT. Pura Vida!

Hi Erik,

More orgasms for you! Hooray!

I bought this for my prostate because was in horrific accident but I see these guys who are moaning like crazy and grabbing sheets in like really it doesn't do that for me or you have this explosive orgasm being honest it's for my prostate not too jack off

Thank you Robb! Nice that you and your prostate are back in action!


Je suis très content de mon achat

Gettin There

First thing, product is of quality, not some Chinese junk. And it works, does it ever. Whoa! The only thing I'm still working on is sometimes I nail it on the "spot"and other times never find it again. When I do find it watch out and hang on. I never realized there was such a feeling built into our bodies. Damn! It's a certain depth and angle i know, it's just hitting it right every time. Butt that's also part off the fun, hunting it and doing it. Anywho, getcha one, you won't regret it. Gotta go huntin', bye.

Hi Erb,

Wow! Thanks! Our pleasure. Happy hunting!