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Highly recommend purchasing this item. Amazing pleasure to be had!!

Good product

Good water based product. Better than most.


I recommend any man to give prostate play a go to see if they like it. It can add a whole new dimension to pleasure whether you're alone or with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

New Number One

Another well designed product that is easy to use which provides total satisfaction!

Prostate wonder

I'm just amazed at your product. It has just the right length and girth to fill me up. First time I tried it lasted for an amazing hour. I never has so much pre cum oozing put of me and when I came I never shot out so much cum.

Thor Master Bundle
M.B. Burnett
Money and Time well spent!

The Giddi Thor is a game changer. Having tried Many different products over the last year or so I can say unequivocally that the Thor is the clear and above winner. Interactive or hands free this little beauty provides everything the company says and more. Everyone's body is built differently so if I had only one hope it would be that the Thor was about 3/4" longer. My P spot is just a little bit more of a challenge to reach, but I give this product and the customer service 5 glowing stars all the way.

How do I reach this Prooostaaate!?!

TL;DR It crits tf out of my prostate!
The Tomo II should be called the Spartan II. We are talking THE Master Chief Spartan 117. All hail the “Hold X to flip Warthog '' Demon.. only the Warthog is my prostate… and seriously the vibrations on this thing can range from M41 Vulcan all the way to M68 Gauss Cannon… and somehow it stays quieter than the Silent Cartographer. So I’m going to stop because my brain just arrived at the flood joke portion of this review. Prostate owners and lovers, do not lock away your prostate’s happiness in a cylix prison.
It’s time to reclaim your P-Spot!


I was unsure what to expect when first ordering the Thor. But once I received it, all I can say is WOW!!!!


I've had a few prostate massagers before this one. This one beats them all, hands down. Once you find the right way to position the Tomo and yourself and it starts hitting that spot, any doubt you had about this product will disappear. This thing has had me legs shaking, groaning, eyes rolling in the back of my head. You'll use it, and ten minutes after you're done you'll use it again. Trust me, that's what I did. Worth the price, lasts long enough. If anything happens to it, it's worth fixing or replacing. Get a warranty or whatever. I guess what I'm saying is buy this darn thing. You'll thank yourself. Cause there is one thing I almost never, ever do and that's write friggin reviews on stuff.

Simply wowww!

Fantastic toy!!!!


I got to say that
Thor is the best the day it arrived I jumped in the shower and slide it in and I haven't felt something that good ever . My wife seen me exploding cum and joined me .I absolutely got Hooked and I use it everyday. I'm 54 and my prostate hasn't ever felt better. Thank you giddi for improving my sex and health . I highly recommended everyone to get Thor ..Mind Blowing Thanks again .

Best massager ever

I have tried many massagers in the past. After reading some of the reviews my wife thought we should try it and play a little. After we settled in and tried it I found it to be amazing. From the moment It was inserted my prostate kept leaking large amounts of precum until after a while I was experiencing multiple orgasms. it was like my entire body was having the orgasm. My wife enjoyed playing with the remote and watching me quiver and shake. I have never had this much enjoyment from any other massager. Some say it is to large, I find just take your time during insertion and then leave the universe in orgasmic bliss. I am however having to get another one due to accidently breaking mine at the neck coming up from the base while cleaning it. I can't wait to get the new one.

Super duper

Way to go Giddi. Purchased my second and well on my way to the third! Battery life is definitely worth it…. Vulcan works like a charm; even Cap’t Kirk and crew would agree!

Glad I made this purchase!

I am so very glad I made this purchase for this prostate massager, it's been fantastic so far. I've used it probably 6 times since I've received it on the last day of March and absolutely love it. The come hither motion is probably my favorite of all the motions since delivers the right pressure and feeling to my P-spot. The vibration functions are fun as well mixing it in with the motions of the as well and it's super fun mixing and matching the combinations to find that right feeling. Sometimes I use it to when I am laying in bed reading some hot stories written on some websites and sometimes I use it while I'm taking care of myself watching some porn too. I just throw up some vids on 3 monitors and relax and let the sensations of the massager take over and slip into some lingerie too ;-). When you get to the point where you have that P-spot orgasm, it is amazing. Sometimes it's a dry one and sometimes it's wet one, but this massager will definitely get you there and is totally worth the purchase.

Loved Thor

After several months of research and many reserves about using something like this I decided to finally take the plunge. With my age and all the medication I’m on, I rarely get an erection, let alone an orgasm. Using this prostate massager has changed my life, at least the orgasm part. It took some time, breathing, and learning to relax just to get it in, but once I did and started playing with the settings on the remote, it was pure pleasure. My legs started to quiver and shake involuntarily, and after about 20 minutes I had the most mind blowing orgasm I ever had, and I wish I would have purchased it sooner, I missed out from my own reservations about anal play. It was well worth buying this toy. It has become my new best friend.

Bad product

Had high hope use the product one time and it stopped working i definitely would not recommend it to and on it was a bad buy

The best massager I’ve tried by miles

I’ve tried many p-spot toys over the years and most are a waste of money. Thor however is brilliant and worth every penny. The sensations it gives are the best I’ve ever had from a prostate massager. I highly recommend it.


Amazing toy solo or with a partner. Never thought I could have multiples til i had this toy. A must buy!

Worth of Every Cent

I’ve been using prostate massagers, for pleasure, for awhile now and I own a few. I’m a hands-free kind of a guy and my favorite has been my Hugo by Lelo: It’s easy to apply; it’s perfectly comfortable; and it provides me multiple pgasms after about 30 minutes of use. Now, I have found anal/prostate stimulation to be highly addictive—I want more more often—and because of this I love to try new toys; hence, Giddi’s Thor. Really, what first attracted me to Thor was its larger size, but also its particular shape and features; I wanted to experiment with “fullness” inside me. Well, Thor has not disappointed me; it is AWESOME. Thor is indeed larger and when you apply it for the first time, you just need to proceed a little slower, but over time it becomes easy AND it is absolutely comfortable once successfully applied. Now, in my experience the sensations provided by Thor and Hugo are different, as Hugo massages the prostate more directly, but Thor massages more holistically, providing pgasms with “foreplay”, if you will, and thus they build giving way to fireworks of explosive pleasure. So to me, Hugo and Thor are NOT substitutes, but rather exciting complements. I am so glad I discovered Thor, as I no longer need to try another prostate massager. I have found bliss!

Great feeling.

Felt really good. Masturbating with this in me feels so great. Would recommend!


The best of all their product lines, hands down.


Very Good, well-built high quality prostate massager. Would recommend compared to cheaper imitations.

Hold on to the sheets guys!

Looking for a long time and found it with my new pal THOR! This is a great toy and really like it is quiet and yet powerful. Thanks Thor see ya tonight.

Company is less than stellar

Well here's an update, After a week they finally decided to go ahead and honor the warranty on the 1st one that I had purchased that broke. Then it took for almost ever to get the replacement because I guess they do their shipper is slower slower than snails. The new one has been working great( I hope this doesn't Jinx it. ) It took quite a few emails and calls to the Post Office to finally get my package delivered I hope that this company We'll look into their customer service and raise it to 5 stars instead of 1 star.

Hours of pleasure

Purchased Vulcan a few weeks back.
I had to divorce my other toys.
New kid on the block