Company Info


Since 2017, GIDDI has been dedicated to providing our customers with premium pleasure devices that promote sexual wellness. Our mission is to help our customers achieve pleasure and wellness combined by providing high-quality products, educational content, and exceptional customer service.

As seekers of sexual wellness, we found that there is a lack of connection between customers and brands in the market. GIDDI is bridging this gap by being the first purely direct-to-consumer brand in the sexual wellness industry.

This means that GIDDI products can only be purchased directly from GIDDI. You will not find GIDDI products in retail stores or from sellers in other online marketplaces because we want you to be able to trust the source! This way GIDDI customers can ensure that they are purchasing the highest quality products and receiving extraordinary customer service.

We pledge to continue to deliver you safe, innovative products, quickly and discreetly, while demystifying sexual wellness with educational content and friendly customer care.

Thank you for your continued support!