The 14 Best Prostate Massagers of 2024

Your guide to finding the best prostate toy for you.

Finding the best prostate massager for your needs can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the game! Fortunately, our expert educators have already tested all the best sex toys that focus specifically on stimulating the prostate and are here to share their advice!

In this guide, our experts will break down everything you need to know about how to buy the best vibrating prostate massager. We’ll answer all the common questions people have so you can shop with confidence! So, are you ready to find the toy that's right for you? Let's dive in.

Prostate orgasms (“progasms”) are the most fun you can have without a PlayStation. You wouldn't buy a console without a few games. And you shouldn't own a prostate without a few toys.

But did you know that only 45% of men have ever used a sex toy? All this, even though 71% of men say they’re interested in prostate massage! There’s an unfair stigma around prostate pleasure and anal play when it has nothing to do with sexuality and everything to do with making yourself feel good! After all, prostate massagers are just as fun for masturbation as they are with a partner!

If you're still getting to know that little walnut-sized gland between your rectum and your bladder, a prostate massager is just what you need to find the sweet spot. They don’t call this the male G-spot for nothin’! The best prostate toys do the hard work for you, stimulating the nerve endings of the prostate gland without you needing to have a map to find it.

By the way, if you want to take your bedroom performance to the next level, check out our Guide to Male Enhancement and Best Penis Enlargement Products.

When purchasing your first prostate massager, you should be aware of the saying: You get what you pay for. The economy vibrators that hang out on Amazon and sex shop walls are an okay starting point, but everyone with a prostate should invest in a high-quality piece built for their needs.

There's an entire landscape of fun to explore, so research is of the utmost importance! Luckily for you, our GIDDI experts have already tried and tested the most popular toys on the market -- so that you don’t have to. Wouldn’t that be exhausting?

Our goal is to provide our readers with a comprehensive buyer’s guide loaded with our honest product reviews. In this guide, we’ll walk you through a plethora of p-play toys; ultimately helping you make the most informed purchase decision for your unique butt play goals, whether solo or with a long-distance partner!

What Is a Prostate Massager?

Simply put, a prostate massager is a device that is used to stimulate, or massage, the prostate. The goal is to “milk” the prostate and/or achieve a prostate orgasm.

Prostate stimulators can come in many different shapes, sizes, and features. The basic categories include:

  1. Non-vibrating
  2. Vibrating only
  3. Motion, and/or additional features

If you prefer your prostate massager to act as your partner in penetration, non-vibrating plugs and dildos massage the prostate as you move. Try a training anal plug if you're learning to relax your sphincter.

A traditional vibrating prostate massager is shaped to vibrate against the prostate from the anus and/or the perineum, but it's by no means the only design on the market.

Sonic massagers cause vertical movements instead, much like a piston. They cause oscillations rather than vibrations. If you're looking for a hands-free P-spot orgasm, a sonic vibrator might be just the thing.


What is the best prostate massager?

The best prostate massager is based on personal preference. Factors like size, shape, functionality, power, and price are all important considerations.

For beginners, a slim and discreet prostate toy like the Tomo II Come Hither Prostate Massager is a great choice. For experienced users, we recommend a large prostate toy like the Thor Rotating Prostate Massager.

The size of your toy can often correlate with your experience. If you are completely new to prostate massagers, we typically recommend starting with a slimmer toy. As you get used to the fullness, you can work your way up to something larger.

The shape of your massager determines where it strikes. Specific shapes make for easy insertion for direct prostate stimulation, while others are meant for external access (and some have dual motors that allow for both!) Some shapes allow for both simultaneously, but all can help you locate your p-spot.

The power of your toy is the last consideration. Vibrators are just sexy-looking motors that run on various frequencies, outputting varying levels of power. Some toys allow multiple speeds (and modes), while others offer only one-note vibration patterns. A powerful motor is nothing if it doesn’t work for you.

Ultimately, choosing the right toy for you comes down to preference and experience, so we encourage users to explore and try different devices. Plus, growing your repertoire of toys and mixing up your routine can increase the likelihood of achieving more mind-blowing intense orgasms! Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Prostate Massager

  • Price - We never suggest putting poorly sourced plastics near your intimate areas, but there’s no need to break the bank. A good rule of thumb is to look for devices in the $50-150 range that have happy customers, clear user guides, and are made by a reputable company.

  • Shape - When using a prostate massager, many people lie in the fetal position on their side or on their backs with their knees up and feet flat. This position allows massagers with insertable curved shafts to follow the natural path to your prostate.

  • Size - Depending on how deep you want to be penetrated, you may opt for a prostate massager with a longer (or shorter) insertable length, while some may prefer girth over length. It depends on how experienced in prostate play you are and what you’re looking for.

  • Material - The sex toy industry is in love with medical-grade body-safe silicone for a good reason. It feels velvety, but it's also phthalate-free, so it won't introduce toxins into your system. At the bottom of the market are jelly and other forms of plastic or stainless steel. They might look fun at a bachelor/ette party, but their potential toxicity and discomfort aren't all that sexy.

  • Vibrations - Not all vibrations are made equally. We prefer a toy that offers maximum, high-powered vibrations but allows you to choose various levels of power to fit your mood today as well as a week from now.

  • Motions - Some toys go beyond vibrations and offer various motions to catapult you into bliss. The main features to look for are primary head motions, such as come-hither motion or head rotation.

  • Ease of use - Toys with cords require you to limit your sexy times to within two feet of a power outlet, while other toys are cordless and come with a remote control so you can cycle through multiple vibration modes easily. Remote control prostate massagers may be some of the easiest out there.

  • Charging - Toys with rechargeable batteries typically stay charged far longer than those that require a few AAs, so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice when you're halfway to Wonderland.


Best Prostate Massager for Beginners

The best prostate toys for newbies have two magical qualities:

  1. They don't require your sphincter to be fully relaxed.
  2. They’re designed to stimulate your prostate, even if you’re not sure exactly where it is.

Most beginners don’t want to start with a toy that is too intimidating, so finding a slimmer toy for easier penetration will start you on the path to success. You also likely don't want to spend a fortune on an anal toy until you have a better idea of what you prefer, so a smaller price tag is always appreciated.

Alas, it's time to get into the fun stuff. We'll start with toys for Beginners and then move on to toys tailored for the more advanced player from Lelo, Aneros, and more.

#1 Tomo II Come Hither Prostate Massager

Why we like Tomo

That's easy. We like our Tomo Come Hither Prostate Massager because it performed the best in the category. We're not biased at all, though, because we purposely made it to be the best. The Tomo II's greatest asset is its shape. This baby isn't satisfied with hitting the prostate from one angle. Nope. It gives you full taint vibrations too. Its insertable end replicates a come-hither motion, while its external pad lets your perineum in on the action. If you're struggling to find your P-spot on your own, this will solve the problem. Tomo II packs all its punch into nine speed settings while still fitting neatly into your hand. It also has a narrow neck, so it won't ask much of your sphincter, making it a great option for beginners.


  • Come hither motion strokes the prostate with the perfect amount of internal stimulation.
  • External head delivers powerful vibrations to the perineum for external prostate massage.
  • The bulbous head and tapered shaft keep Tomo comfortably in place for hands free stimulation.
  • Has a whisper-quiet motor, so you don’t have to sacrifice privacy for P-spot ecstasy.


  • May be too narrow for those looking for a bigger stretch and fuller feeling.
  • A slimmer shape may make it more difficult to locate the p-spot.
  • Tomo does not come with a wireless remote control (Tomo II does, however).

GIDDI Tomo 2 Review

Tomo II’s curvy contours keep it in the right place, so you won't feel as though you're playing a tough game of Twister. Plus, its size is no more terrifying than a beginner's butt plug, with a tapered shaft slim enough for a relaxed entry. Tomo II avoids any problematic plastics by using medical-grade silicone, which is velvety, nonporous, and 100% body safe. The days when you had to run around the house hunting for batteries are over—the Tomo II holds three hours of charge with each recharge. The toy has dual motors that power two heads for electrifying dual sensations and intense hands-free stimulation. The primary head with come-hither motions provides internal stimulation while the external head delivers powerful vibrations to the perineum. That allows it to deliver three come-hither speeds and nine vibration modes. It couldn't be easier to find the good vibrations your P-spot loves the most. On a budget? Tomo II's economical twin, Tomo, is the same exact massager without the remote—for a lighter price. But that’s not the only way to save. Grab yourself the Beginner Bundle which includes Tomo II, Ride BodyWorx lube, and Wicked sex toy cleaner, but only if you’re looking for serious value.

#2 Aneros Helix Syn

Why we like Helix Syn

At an easy five by one inches, the Syn is one of the least scary monsters on the market. There's no way you're going to struggle inserting this one. It's super narrow with two internal bulges to hold it in place. Once you've inserted it, you can change positions to find out what works best for you.


  • Stays in place very well. Once it’s in there’s no coming out until you’re ready.
  • It’s flexible so it can be manipulated easily but firm enough to provide pressure.
  • Easy to operate and the least bit intimidating, making it great for beginners.


  • The shaft might be too narrow for users looking for more girth.
  • This is a non-vibrating toy so it relies purely on self-induced anal kegal exercises.
  • Expensive for its limited features at $70.

Aneros Helix Syn Review

Aneros is one of the oldest brands in the P-spot market, and the Syn is one of its best beginner toys. It looks like an alien from Xenon, but there's a reason behind its madness. It has an insertable head for focused stimulation and two overly enthusiastic arms for external stimulation. This combo allows users to self-administer a prostate massage comfortably and discreetly simply through anal kegel exercises. The soft silicone is just an aesthetic coating covering a hard plastic layer. The Syn is designed to reduce flex and maximize sensation. An ingenious pivot design gives you perineum action every time you clench, so you can find more important things to do with your hands. However, remember those easy five by one inches? You're going to grow out of them pretty quickly. The Syn is no expert toy.

#3 Lelo Billy

Why we like Billy

The Billy has enough vibration patterns and intensity settings to win your P-spot over for good. This is a simple vibrating dildo with no bumps and bulges to speak of, so it's perfect if you hate the full feeling that comes with other toys. The Billy can be used for solo adventures, but it's at its best when you have a human partner.


  • Narrow in size, so is a great option for beginners.
  • Sleek, stylish design.
  • Has a rechargeable battery, so no need for replacement batteries.


  • Has a tendency to slide out, so it did not provide a hands-free experience.
  • Slender design might be too slim for advanced users.
  • Doesn’t provide any perineum stimulation.

Lelo Billy Review

The Billy is a suave and sexy toy, but we'd expect nothing less of Lelo. Great for beginners, it’s narrow enough to feel like a part of your own anatomy. It has five vibration patterns and a few intensity levels. Word to the wise: get to know the buttons before you graduate to play or you'll be in for a frustrating experience. It's not shaped for hands-free use, though, and it's no-fuss handle isn't placed for solitary prostate-owners. Still, it has a powerful enough buzz for some indirect perineum stimulation, and if you usually win at Twister, you'll have no trouble wielding it for penetration.

#4 Nexus Revo Stealth

Why we like Revo

The Revo Stealth is one of the most searched for prostate massagers on the market. By combining perineum-focused vibrations with a rotating internal shaft, the Revo Stealth is primed to give you incredibly powerful orgasms. While a bit much for complete newbies, this is a great toy to graduate to in due time.


  • The rotating head provides new stimulations from your standard vibrations.
  • 34 pleasure combinations! Seriously.
  • It provides both internal and external stimulations.


  • A bit noisier than most vibrating toys.
  • Too many buttons and options may overwhelm some users.
  • At $190, this is not the best bang for your buck.

Nexus Revo Review

The Revo Stealth is a new kid on the P-block, but its carefully-considered design speaks to its dedication to prostate stimulation. Nexus has created some of the best toys on the market with a strong focus on butt play. Unlike most manufacturers, it goes beyond mere vibration. The Stealth has a bi-rotational massager that functions independently of its perineum stimulator. Its remote control can function 15 meters away, so if you're super tall or have a weird partner who likes stimulating you from the next room, the Stealth will give you lots of stealthy action. Better yet, it's waterproof. (Yay for shower time fun!)

#5 NJoy Pure Wand

Why we like Pure Wand

Sex toys don't get more elegant than this. The Pure Wand uses sleek stainless steel, but it's design intelligence goes beyond mere looks. Its sneaky curve finds your P-spot with utter precision. It has the slimmest arm you'll ever find, so if you're terrified of anal penetration, it'll ease in before you know it. Don't let the simplicity of this probe fool you. This is an intelligently-designed toy that'll find its spot every time.


  • Stainless steel is great for durability and easy cleanup.
  • The unique design allows for easy pressure play while laying on your back.
  • With two different ball sizes, this toy is great for all experience levels.


  • If you love vibration (and who doesn't?) the Pure Wand can't provide it.
  • It’s heavy! A hand (or two) will always be needed to keep it in place.
  • The steel can be incredibly cold! Make sure to warm it up before using.

Njoy Pure Wand Review

The Pure Wand is a rope bunny's dream anal hook and a core part of any self-respecting toy collection. It doubles as a G-spot stimulator, and since it's easy to sterilize, it can safely bounce between butts and vaginas as many times as you like. Its stainless-steel construction holds onto heat, making this a sensualist's fantasy toy. It also has two different ball sizes, so beginners can start out with something positively mini. The hardness of the steel makes up for the lack of motion. You should find it extremely easy to locate your P-spot with this wand. When you bump your head against the ceiling, you've found it. Congratulations.

Best Prostate Toys for Advanced

By this stage, you've developed serious skills. You've become a pro at relaxing your anus and feel comfortable with a vibrator that has more girth. You know whether you prefer direct P-spot or taint contact (or both) and have no trouble finding your prostate on your own. You can finally graduate to the most thrilling toys on the shelf.

#1 Thor Rotating Prostate Massager

Why we like Thor

Our Thor Rotating Prostate Massager is thoughtfully designed in every aspect. It has a rotating prostate massager with enough girth to provide a deliciously-full sensation, and it’s contours and girthy bulge keeps it in place for a hand-free adventure. Thor is the most girthy toy we reviewed, so it always comes on top amongst size-queens. We also loved the whisper-quiet motor, so rest assured it will stay quiet... but you might not.


  • The contoured shape and remote control keep your sessions hands-free.
  • It’s girth provides sensual feelings of fullness in the rectum.
  • It’s rotating head serves up targeted internal prostate stimulation.


  • With its sizable girth and length, it may not be beginner friendly.
  • The powerful rotating head might be too intense for some.
  • At $150, it isn’t the cheapest toy around.

GIDDI Thor Review

We've tried just about every sex toy we can think of, and our own Giddi Thor comes out on top every time. Don't call us biased, though, because we totally aren't. Thor didn't win Gadget Review's 2021 best prostate massager prize by twiddling its thumbs. This is an intense, carefully-considered massager that wins on all counts. It's the grown-up version of the Tomo. Its widest point is an impressive 1.7 inches—a respectable girth for experienced P-Players and certainly larger than most P-spot massagers on the market. The primary head is contoured for hands-free use. Here, the Tomo's come-hither motion has been replaced with a high-intensity 360-degree rotating movement for direct prostate stimulation. The secondary head keeps the other side of the P-spot stimulated through the perineum, packing 16 vibration speeds into its functionality. The requisite remote control is there as well, of course, so you'll be hands-freeing it all the way to the bank. It's rechargeable with plenty of battery power, and waterproof to boot. Despite all those A-grade features, the price is competitive.

#2 Lelo Hugo

Why we like Hugo

Hugo packs a lot of power into a narrow toy. This is the ideal product for penis-owners who are used to intense vibrations but not girthy necks. We love it because of the wireless remote control. Not all of Lelo’s toys come with one, so being able to have your hands free to do other things makes all the difference. It can also be used without the remote, depending on your preference.


  • A velvety silicone and titanium finish make for a visually stunning toy.
  • Waterproof silicone will travel into the shower or tub.
  • A huge range of vibrations covering everything from mild to intense.


  • Lelo’s vibrations are less intense than its rivals.
  • Can take some time getting adjusted to the settings on the remote.
  • At $220, this is one of the most expensive toys on the market.

Lelo Hugo Review

Lelo has positioned itself high on the market, offering classy orgasms through elegant construction, but not all of its toys excel when it comes to vibration power. The Hugo is a hands-free, remote controlled dual vibrator that doubles up on stimulation through two heads. Its remote functionality and short length make it the kind of toy you can secretly wear outside. The wireless remote is battery operated. There are 12 intensity levels for a range of vibration patterns, including a randomized set. The perineum head can vibrate through the scrotum, so if balls are your kink, Lelo has your back.

#3 Aneros Vice

Why we like Vice

The shape of the Vice is what sets it apart from other toys. It lets you graduate to deeper anal play, with an awesome bead-like design to stimulate the prostate when each bulb pops into place. The sensation makes it very similar to anal beads being pushed in, one by one, adding a level of kink into your play. You can easily build on pressure, and let it subside with every notch.


  • The silicone is flexible enough to meld into your preference.
  • Easy to use, simply turn it on or off.
  • Stays in place thanks to the multiple bulbs.


  • It’s powered by AAA batteries, providing an average battery life (Vice 2 however, is rechargeable).
  • Having multiple pieces makes it more difficult to clean.
  • At $140, it’s expensive for the limited features.

Aneros Vice Review

The Aneros Vice won the O Award for Outstanding Male Product Design a few years ago, and it's easy to see why. This toy is what you get if you cross a Helix Syn with Thor. It has bumps in all the right places, with impressive length to suit every body, small and tall. The Vice 2 threw out the rechargeable batteries in favor of a magnetic charger, so there'll be no rushing around the house emptying remote controls and torches. Its designers have also upgraded the vibration. The toy can now stimulate all the nerve endings around the P-spot and anus. The requisite handle and perineum massager are there, too, of course. If you insert the Vice beyond the first groove, you get traditional prostate fun, but you can also push it beyond the second groove for an altogether more… interesting… experience. Once you graduate to the last groove, Aneros sends you a Ferrari. Okay, not really, but they should.

#4 Lelo Loki

Why we like Loki

Lelo’s Loki delivers 6 different vibration settings and enough girth to satisfy the average human. With an insertable length of nearly 4 inches, it provides full sensations favored among experienced users. The tapered shaft makes it easy to insert and comfortable to use, while the flared base helps your hand keep a firm grip.


  • The Loki develops a playable charge in 60 minutes.
  • Waterproof construction because tubs are sexy.
  • The flared base makes it safe for anal use.


  • The Loki might be a little too small for size queens.
  • At $170, it’s more expensive than other toys with similar features.
  • The motor is louder than its rivals.

Lelo Loki Review

When Lelo sat down with Billy to consider its failings, it came up with the Loki, which has a larger size and an angled head for more intense sensations. Like most Lelo toys, it's wrapped in sensuous silicone and comes in a regal obsidian hue. Its tip is tapered, so it gives you plenty of time to relax your sphincter. The narrow neck makes for an unchallenging experience, but when it comes to length, it's all business. It has a forgiving 4 inch-length with six vibration settings to carry you to Funky Town. The configurations are easy to understand. Vertical buttons change your vibration pattern, and horizontal ones control the speed. The toy is pretty powerful, so if it's perineum pleasure you're after, it will provide it with enthusiasm.

#5 Lelo Loki Wave

Why we like Loki Wave

The Lelo Loki Wave has the asme shape of the original Loki, but this model offers an additional motor in the base of the secondary arm. Lelo's new "WaveMotion" technology produces an enjoyable come-hither motion that the manufacturer describes as "surging". This way, you can double down on both direct prostate stimulation and external perineum vibrations.


  • It’s dual motors offer perineum massage AND direct P-spot stimulation.
  • It’s 8 vibration patterns and 10 intensity settings are easily accessed via the handle.
  • Offer some of the strongest vibrations in the Lelo stack.


  • The accessibility of the controller might lead to accidental button-pushing.
  • Some users said the arm felt ‘mechanical’ when moving.
  • At $220, it’s one of the most expensive toys on the market.

Lelo Loki Wave Review

The Loki Wave's come-hither motion can cover over an inch of lateral movement. It's that considerable breadth that's responsible for its potent effects. A second motor supplies buzz from the anal opening all the way to the perineum. The P-spot bulge is generously sized for maximum orgasm potential. This is indulgence at its best, and you can enjoy it in the hot tub because it's completely waterproof. It's constructed from velvety medical-grade silicone—a nonporous material that shouldn't absorb any scents. While the Wave's width places it in our expert section, it's an uncomplicated toy that you'll understand the second you see it. The same can't be said for toys like the Duke and Vice. There's something to be said for simplicity, especially if you're new to prostate play.

#6 Aneros Progasm

Why we like Progasm

Barely competing with the price of a cappuccino, the Progasm pre-dates Aneros' luxury era. It's essentially just a swathe of ABS plastic without the frills or thrills, but that's precisely why we like it. It has all the curves you could wish for at an entry-level price.


  • Cleans up in seconds thanks to its nonporous plastic surface.
  • Simple, straight forward, and gets the job done.
  • One of the most affordable toys on the market.


  • This is a non-vibrating toy, so it can be a little “one-note”.
  • Made of hard plastic, so no velvety silicone here.
  • The plastic arms dig into the perineum, making it uncomfortable.

Aneros Progasm Review

The Loki Wave's come-hither motion can cover over an inch of lateral movement. It's that considerable breadth that's responsible for its potent effects. A second motor supplies buzz from the anal opening all the way to the perineum. The P-spot bulge is generously sized for maximum orgasm potential. This is indulgence at its best, and you can enjoy it in the hot tub because it's completely waterproof. It's constructed from velvety medical-grade silicone—a nonporous material that shouldn't absorb any scents. While the Wave's width places it in our expert section, it's an uncomplicated toy that you'll understand the second you see it. The same can't be said for toys like the Duke and Vice. There's something to be said for simplicity, especially if you're new to prostate play.

Honorable Mentions

You'd be forgiven for thinking the eBay shelves look like slight variations on the same themes. The buzzy, dildo-esque massager has sealed its spot at the top, but there are plenty of other toys to explore, from plugs and beads to hooks and dildos. Finding the right toy for your tastes is a journey of a thousand adventures. Here are a few ideas.

b-Vibe Cinco Anal Beads

Why we like Cinco

b-Vibe’s vibrating beads are ideal for beginners. They graduate in size without reaching the diameter of a training butt plug, so think of them as your sphincter's grade school teachers. They'll teach you how to stretch and relax, and just when you think you've hit sensory overload, someone yanks them out.


  • The beads vibrate for full-anal sensations.
  • They have a wide handle, so they're safe for solo use.
  • The graduating bead sizes are perfect for beginners.


  • Keep in mind that these beads do not bend while anal cavities do.
  • Their contours aren't designed for P-spot stimulation.
  • These are the least girthy anal toys on the market.

b-Vibe Cinco Anal Beads Review

Since b-Vibe’s anal beads start off tiny, they're perfect for an untrained butt. The tapered design allows beginners to start out slowly, and then they can gradually move on to bigger and larger beads. With 15 vibrations patterns and 6 different intensities, their vibrations will help you to locate your prostate in no time. You'll likely want to graduate to a wider, more contoured toy later.

Tantus Bullet Vibrator

Why we like Tantus Bullet

If you're serious about penetration, the Tantus will keep things professional. It's thick, long, and heavy duty, but you're reading the Honorable Mentions section, so that's what you're looking for. If you're looking for a decently large prostate massager, you can’t get more bang for your buck.


  • Made from elegant, nonporous silicone.
  • Packs plenty of girth and length, with a bulbous head made just for the prostate.
  • One of the most affordable toys on the market.


  • The shaft of the toy may be too girthy for beginners.
  • Vibrations come from a battery powered bullet, thus, may be too low-powered for some.
  • The multiple pieces can be annoying to clean after play.

Tantus Bullet Review

Dildos are like the dudebros of the sex toy genus. They're rarely elegant but they take themselves extremely seriously. The Tantus is different. It's wrapped in sophisticated black silicone, without a hint of pink, anatomical tastelessness to destroy the effect. Its true power lies in its size and contours, though. It's huge at 1.7 inches in girth and 7 inches in length. This is a toy that takes P-spot stimulation seriously. If you like that stretchy feeling, you've met your match. There are no skinny contours to make this easier. It's made from 100% medical grade silicone and can be used with a strap on, so it's our favorite P-spot toy for partners. It doesn't have a tapered end, so buy a plug while you're shopping.

Duke Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

Why we like Duke

Fun Factory didn't climb to the top of the sex toy market just by looking pretty. This brand takes fun seriously, particularly in terms of buzz power. Duke’s design is what makes this toy unique. With it’s back-facing curve, the bump at the top of the shaft will hit your prostate, while the curved arm gives you a feeling of fullness that fits snugly in your anatomy.


  • You get two toys in one: a prostate butt plug and a removable bullet vibrator.
  • It’s flexible silicone can be tweaked to stimulate your prostate and your partner.
  • Fun Factory vibrators offer some of the most potent buzzes on the market.


  • Since it encases a bullet vibrator, the vibrations may be too weak for some.
  • The narrow design makes the toy slip out too easily during play.
  • Certain models are not waterproof so make sure to steer clear of liquids.

Duke Vibrating Prostate Massager Review

The Duke prostate massage toy is built from medical grade silicone and hides five vibration speeds underneath. Its twists and curves might look intimidating, but once you've inserted the internal massager, things get a lot easier. The last couple of inches follow the curve of your body far beyond the P-spot, so this is far from a beginners' toy. It's built for depth. The "elbow" is wide, with one of the most dramatic curves you'll ever see on a P-spot toy. In other words, if you can't find your P-spot with this one, Mother Nature owes you a refund. The Duke's perineum massager provides dual action, so maybe it's time to start shooting for simultaneous P-spot orgasms. Go on! You know you wanna!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all prostate massagers hands-free?

The majority of prostate massagers can be used hands-free by contracting the rectum muscles, especially while lying down. Keep in mind that if you are standing or engaging in sex with a partner, narrow toys that are heavy may have a harder time staying in place without assistance. Many devices feature multiple vibration modes, so you would need to reach the device and press the buttons to control these features. Luckily, some devices offer a remote control which will aid in a truly hand-free adventure.

What is the best position for prostate massage?

The prostate wasn't built for easy access. You'll have to find a comfy pose to get those gangly legs out of the way. Some find it easiest to lie on their backs with their knees up, while others prefer lying on their sides. You can even curl up on your front.

Should I use lube?

Lube is your friend, and there's no such thing as too much of it, so go crazy. We recommend using a water-based lube as opposed to a silicone-based lube since these won’t ruin your silicone toys. We also recommend avoiding oil-based lubes and creams altogether, because these can be harmful to the sensitive tissues inside the rectum.

How should I insert my prostate massager?

After you’ve lubed up, take a deep breath in and start inserting your toy SLOWLY. Taking your time is key, so don't push the entire massager in at once. Make sure that the primary head curves in towards your belly. If there’s a secondary head, it should rest on your perineum. If you feel pain, you're taking it too fast or using a toy that's too big for you.

How often do I need to clean my toy?

You should always be cleaning your toys after use. Heck, you should be cleaning your toys before use too if you really want to play it safe. Wash up with a toy cleaner that won’t warp you toy and you can even disinfect your toy between uses in a UV sterilizer bag, which kills 99.9% of bacteria in a snap.

Prostate Massager Tips & Advice

  • You shouldn't use anal toys for vaginal play, but if you insist, you'll need to cover that baby up with a condom.
  • Only some variants of phthalates are banned in the United States. The FDA doesn't regulate sex toys, so you'll have to take care of this one on your own. One of the simplest indications of phthalates is price. Plastic is cheap, and cheap sex toy manufacturers aren't known for their scientific acumen. Unlike certain plastics, medical grade silicone will remain the same no matter what you throw at it. #ExpertTips
  • If you're a little OCD about cleanliness, glass, silicone, and metal can be sterilized. The more porous your toys, the harder they are to clean. If you have multiple partners, you should be covering or sterilizing them.
  • Metal is super-chic and can be used for temperature play, so if you're feeling sensual, haul out the stainless steel.
  • A glass prostate milking toy can't vibrate, but it'll stay with you longer than any others, so it's well worth the investment.
  • If you're feeling a little lost, prostate massager review sites are your map through the industry. Fetch your specs and do some reading.