Our Tips for How to Insert a Prostate Massager

Have you ever wanted to explore prostate stimulation but didn't know where to start? Or maybe you've heard the rumors about the mind-blowing pleasure of a prostate orgasm and want to experience it yourself?

It's frustrating not to have the proper tools or information to achieve this mind-blowing orgasm. So, we're here to help.

Luckily for you, there are many ways to stimulate the prostate, including the best prostate massager. We all know that vibrators exist for clitoral stimulation, but what about the people who want to enjoy prostate stimulation?

It might seem overwhelming to embark on a new sexual experience, but we promise you'll have nothing to worry about! Not only are there multiple ways to stimulate your prostate, but you also have different options for what toy is right for you, too!

And the best part you don't need much expertise to thrill yourself once you have the perfect vibrating prostate massager. But let's first cover a few prostate basics before discussing prostate massages and toys.

What is a Prostate?


What is a prostate | orgasm diagram

The prostate is a small gland about the size of a walnut located in the middle of a person's pelvis, below the bladder, and in front of the rectum. It's present in people assigned male at birth and is surrounded by nerve endings.

The prostate gland is crucial for reproduction purposes as far as functionality goes. The prostate makes prostatic fluid, which is one of the main components of semen. The prostate muscles also ensure that the semen is forcefully pressed into the urethra and expelled outwards during ejaculation.

How Do You Orgasm Using the Prostate?

Besides being a crucial part of creating and expelling semen, the prostate is also your go-to spot for intense sexual pleasure!

Because it is loaded with nerve endings, it is susceptible (in the best way). The prostate gland swells when aroused, and many people find that putting direct or indirect pressure on it during sex creates eruptive prostate orgasms - so say good-bye to penile orgasms alone!


We all have heard of the G-spot in people with vaginas, but get ready to explore your own P-spot!

Getting To Know Prostate Massagers



Alright, now that you know where your prostate is and why it will give you the best orgasm of your life, it's time to find some toys!

Prostate massagers can come in many different sizes and are made from various materials, including glass, steel, and silicone.

It's generally best to stay away from anything made of jelly-like materials because there's an increased chance that bacteria can grow inside the toy. Prostate massagers can be non-vibrating or vibrating and can even be beaded like anal beads.

Prostate toys can also have different types of motion meant to simulate life-like massage. These motions include come-hitherrotating, and pressing, among others. Which motion is right for you comes down to preference. Exploration with trial and error is always encouraged.

At GIDDI, we have a plethora of stimulating and safe sex toys to use by yourself or with a partner. You can browse our toy options here.

Why You Should Explore Prostate Massagers

If you are new to prostate stimulation, you might want to start with a prostate massager. Prostate massagers are designed for the anatomy of your body, and they're guaranteed to hit the right spot.

We recommend beginners start with prostate toys that are smaller in width. Smaller toys are less intimidating and provide easier entry and exit.



Ready to get started? Check out our Tomo II Prostate Massager Beginner Bundle.



Or, if you have been stimulating your prostate with your fingers for a while now, you might be ready to experience a new sensation with our Thor Master Bundle. Whether you're playing solo or with a partner, introducing a new toy into the bedroom is a surefire way to spice up your sex life.

5 Tips for Inserting a Prostate Massager

Now that you have browsed our toys and are ready to use a massager, it's time to learn how to use it properly. There's no need to be nervous or intimidated — prostate massagers are easy to use and maintain. Here are some suggestions that can help you along your journey.


If you search "how do porn stars prep for anal sex?" on Google, you'll find the same tips shared over and over again. Prepping for anal penetration is simple and comes down to proper hygiene.

Before trying a prostate massage, use the bathroom at least 30 to 60 minutes before anal play and clean yourself with a warm bath or shower. Thoroughly wash and dry your behind. 


You can also use unscented, hypoallergenic wipes as an alternative.

Also, consider using a condom over the part of the prostate stimulator that goes into your anus. This will make cleanup quicker, but you should still wash and dry your prostate stimulator.

We recommend sterilizing toys before and after use as well. You can kill germs fast and easily with our UV Sterilizer Bag!


To enjoy using a prostate massager, you must remember to remain calm. While using a massager, the muscles in and around your anus need time to relax. Explore, experiment, and figure out what is best for you!

You can light some candles, put on sensual music, or wear something comfortable that makes you feel sexy. If you are engaging in a prostate massage with a partner, take your time with foreplay.



warming up

There are thousands of sensitive nerve endings around the entry of your butt, which makes analingus or massaging the region feel amazing and relaxed.

Above all, remember to relax your pelvic muscles, and breathe. When our body is tense, contracting our muscles, or disconnected from the experience, we're blocking our pathways to pleasure. As you slowly start to unwind and take deep breaths, you'll be able to feel a more pleasurable sensation.

Giving a massage, especially an anal massage, can be a great way to arouse your partner and get them in the mood for prostate play. Make sure to take time on your partner and set the tone for what's to come next.




Once you are relaxed and turned on, find a position that gives you easy access to prostate stimulation but is also comfortable. Consider lying on your back with your knees up, or face down on your stomach with your partner behind you.

Other positions you might try may include:

  • Doggystyle: Bend over with your hands and knees on the ground and your butt facing your partner. This allows your partner to slide the prostate massager into you easily.

  • Lap: If you're into feeling dominated, opt to lie across your partner's lap with your butt over their thighs and stomach facing down. This position lets your partner penetrate you with the massager and offer some light spanks.

  • Standing Up: The receiver is standing up, with the giver seated or on their knees in front of them. This allows for direct access and stimulation.



lubing a toy

Lube is going to be crucial for any prostate or anal stimulation! Before inserting a finger or a prostate massager into your rectum, you must lube the anus and the toy or finger. Without proper lubrication, you can run the risk of uncomfortable rubbing or tearing.

It's also essential to use the right kind of lube. Water-based lube is safest for toys, fingers, and genitalia, and it is easy to wash off clothes or sheets. Silicone-based lube is long-lasting and will require less reapplication. 

In fact, data shows silicone-based lube might be the best choice for anal sex. However, silicone-based lube can deteriorate the surface of silicone toys, causing them to become unsanitary and potentially unsafe.

Our Wicked Jelle Water-Based Anal Lube is thick, long-lasting, and never sticky. This lube stays where you need it and provides extra cushioning and superior glide. 

So if you want to be safe and pick an option that can be used for almost everything, water-based lube might also be the way to go. 

Use a Finger

After properly lubing yourself or your partner, you might want to warm up by inserting a finger or two. Experiment with penetration with a steady inhale and exhale, and avoid holding your breath. 


using a finger

Start by massaging the anal area and then slowly slip in a lubed finger or two, and you will find the prostate by gently performing the "come hither" gesture (once the fingers are in, think about moving the finger toward the belly button).

You might feel the sensation of needing to pee. This means you are in the right spot since the prostate is near the bladder.


Once you feel properly turned on, relaxed, and lubed, you can use your prostate massager! Get in a comfortable position that gives your partner access to your anus. Then, gently insert the massager until it is fully seated inside the anus, with the curve pointed toward anterior wall of the abdomen.

With the massager in place, you can practice a clench-and-release motion with your inner muscles. This causes a pulsing sensation with the toy against the prostate, producing pleasure and leading to an orgasm. However, the great thing about massagers is you can also experience intense pleasure by simply having the toy sit inside.

Less work = more time to focus on pleasure.

Other Ways to Stimulate Your Prostate

Toys can be an excellent way to change up your sex life. But don't forget, they are not the only way to stimulate your prostate. 

Other ways to stimulate the prostate include:

  • Externally – Apply pressure to the perineum (the landing strip of skin located between the testicles and anus). This can indirectly stimulate the prostate and provide some of the same pleasurable effects.

  • With Fingers – As we mentioned before, using your fingers can be a great warm-up or exploration tool for stimulating your prostate. You can use stroking, circling, or pressing movements.

As you explore prostate stimulation for the first time, just remember to take things slow and progress at your own pace. Everyone enjoys different feelings and sensations, so you need to take the time to figure out what feels best for you. There's no one way to enjoy your prostate! As part of sexual and relationship therapy, trying new things in the bedroom might just be what the doctor ordered.

Prostate Play is for Everyone!

Experimenting with what works for you, especially if you're new to prostate massage (aka prostate milking), can be a fun, ongoing process! Also, it is important to remember that prostate massagers aren't only for gay sexual relationships.

Anyone with a prostate may consider using a prostate vibrator for extra stimulation, no matter what their sexual orientation may be. They can also be used without a partner as a form of masturbation or sexual stimulation.

Sticking something up your butt won't "make you gay," but it will definitely make you consider how you have lived so long without including prostate stimulation in your sex life.

If you are still unsure what is right for you, feel free to take our Quiz to find the right massager for you!



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