What is the Best Prostate Massager for Beginners?

It’s tough to know where to start when you first enter the world of prostate massagers.

There are plenty of options to choose from, and it can be challenging to determine the best prostate massager for you when you’ve never used a massager on your P-spot before. What sort of attributes should a beginner look for in prostate massagers?

If you’re not sure where to begin your prostate adventures, we’ve got you covered — we’re the creators of an award-winning line of prostate massagers with various unique shapes, sizes, and features. We’ve seen it all, tried it all, and researched which massagers are best for beginners.

So, what is the best beginner’s prostate massager? The answer isn’t necessarily the most popular option on the market. Luckily, picking the right starter toy is easy when you know what to look for.

So go forth, my P-spot exploring friends, and learn everything you need to know about your first prostate massager.

What Are Prostate Massagers?


Prostate massagers are tools used for both pleasure and wellness. There’s more to these gadgets than just “getting you there” — they also have major benefits for your prostate health. In fact, prostate massage is associated with a lower risk of erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer.

Maybe you are the type that is more into a pulsating vibe — you like a little variety in your stimulation, or maybe you are not too keen on anything internally stimulating in the anus. 

Prostate massagers are tools that heighten and enhance masturbation and prostate stimulation to get closer to your goal of orgasmic bliss.

What Should I Look for in a Prostate Massager? 

Here are some things to consider when looking for a prostate massager.


Quality goes far beyond a price tag. And with prostate massagers, you get what you pay for.

Look at the features and materials of the device. Is the toy made from high-quality, medical-grade silicone for optimum comfort and easy cleanup? Are the materials clearly laid out in the product offering? 

Quality is far more than the functions and build of a product. 

Is it from a no-name brand from a large online website? What about customer service? Is there a customer support option? What does the availability of the support department look like? Consider the entire user experience before you make a purchase.

Size and Shape

Size matters when it comes to prostate massagers. Choose anatomically perfect toys with less girth if you’re unsure what to do. The prostate is roughly the size of a walnut or a golf ball, but even a beginner may want a larger toy to hit the P-spot.

If that doesn’t quite do it for you or your fun new toy doesn’t seem to stay in place, size up. A larger toy can stretch the anus upon entry more than a toy with less girth. However, a larger toy may also provide a sensual feeling of fullness and make hands-free stimulation a little easier.

Again, not all prostate massagers are created equal. Somewhat linked to size, the shape of the massager will play a role in what kind of experience you are looking for. Look for anatomically accurate shapes, so you can hit all the right spots for pleasure. 

Everyone has their own preference, and it may take a couple of tries before you find the right toy.


Prostate massagers offer more than the feeling of fullness (at least in the larger girths). Look for toys that go beyond the basics. The best prostate massagers possess thoughtfully designed shapes and girth that match your desires.

Look for fun features, like the dual sensations you can only receive from a toy with internal and external massaging capabilities and motion, to intensify anal play. Dual sensation can mean internal and external, vibrating and motion, or remote controlled.

While you may not be ready to experiment with remote control play, it’s nice to know it’s there when you want to kick things up a notch. And if you want a full experience, try a prostate massager with an attached penis ring—wow!

It’s not all about the fun parts. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty. Double-check the materials. Is it easy to clean and hygienic? Are there certain lubes you can’t combine with the material? Is your prostate massager medical-grade for safety? These are the features that set high-quality toys apart.



Prostate massagers can mimic the motions that you would do with your fingers. The most common motion that produces results is often called a “come hither” motion, as if you were gesturing someone to come towards you. What’s sexier than cumming hither? 

Other massagers have a rotation feature that moves inside the body. This rotation can create stimulation all around the rectum and prostate, increasing sensation. What does that mean? A full-body, toe-curling, yummy orgasm. 


Sex toys need cleaning after every roll in the hay. Too many companies neglect to include cleaning information with their product.

At GIDDI, we don’t make that mistake. Our Wicked Foam Sex Toy Cleaner is an anti-bacterial, triclosan, alcohol-free wash suitable for use on all toy materials.

Don’t forget to follow up the wash with our UV Sterilizer Bag. Not only does it make a great spot to (discreetly) tuck away your prostate massager, but it’s also a sanitizing device with UV light.

You see, UV light has been shown to kill 99.9% of all germs that could cause infection and disease. In three minutes, you can quickly sanitize your favorite toy so it’s ready whenever you are.

If you need more help with hygiene questions, message our experts via web chat or email at hello@mygiddi.com.

Getting Bored of Your Finger or Dildo?


What got you interested in the world of prostate massagers? Answering this question might bring you closer to your first prostate massagers.


Maybe you want an easy entry that also gives room for versatility. Vibrations or various vibration settings? Why not? Massagers can bolster sexual activity with yourself or with your partner.

With anal play or prostate play, you may have heard that prostate massagers give a little something extra past butt plugs or other toys. What you heard is true!

First of all, prostate massagers are shaped and designed specifically to stimulate your prostate. Your finger, butt plugs, and most dildos are not. So, in many cases, the shape alone of a prostate toy is enough to hit that sacred P-spot.


If the size and shape aren’t enough to tickle your fancy, you can experiment with motion and dual sensation. For example, the Thor Rotating Prostate Massager and Tomo II Come Hither Prostate Massager provide life-like motion combined with powerful external vibrations.

At the end of the day, it is important to mix things up. Your body can get accustomed to a repetitive routine and may stop responding to it. Introducing a new prostate toy is a great way to reset your body’s response.

After all, there is no single key to your prostate pleasure palace.

Getting Started With Prostate Massage

Before jumping into the options, let's assess where you currently are in your prostate play journey.

The beginner's spectrum of prostate play definitely has the traditional “I am new to everything” part of it, but maybe you’re familiar with finger play on the P-spot.

If you’re a full-on newbie, welcome to the fam — and keep reading. If you’re more familiar with prostate stimulation and want to learn about the tools of the trade, you’ve come to the right place, too.

Further Reading: How To Insert a Prostate Massager

Prep Before the Fun Begins 


Before going ahead and getting into massaging your prostate with a massager for the first few times, choose a lube that’s right for your needs. GIDDI offers a few options that are not only body-friendly but also toy-friendly as well.

Below are a few pros and cons for different types of lubricants:

Water-Based Lubes


  • Generally void of potentially harmful chemicals like glycerin
  • “Toy-friendly” by lessening potential silicone-based toy damage
  • Condom-friendly


  • May contain preservatives
  • They have been known to dry out quickly
  • Can start to feel sticky during the process

Silicone Lubes


  • Great for water play as it won’t wash away
  • Makes manual stimulation a breeze


  • Can cause a slippery situation in the shower (slips, trips, and falls)
  • Not for use with silicone toys as it can degrade the material

Oil-Based Lubes


  • They are long-lasting
  • Oily (if you’re into that)


  • They are messy aftermath on sheets or fabric
  • Can be harmful to latex condoms
  • It may lead to certain potentially adverse health conditions, if not cleaned properly
  • Oily (if you're not into that!)

Specialty (Hybrid) Lubes

A little note here, hybrids come in a plethora of combos of the bases above. These fill niches that you might be seeking out in sex or prostate play.

Making a simple pro and cons list for this subject is tough because each hybrid has its own preferred uses. This can balance out the negatives or capitalize them — if you’re looking into a hybrid, make a little pros and cons list of your own using the above notes, and ask for advice from whoever you’re buying from, whether that’s a company or a retail store. 

Find Your Perfect Match

So, what’s the bottom line? Look for a prostate massager with only the features you need. 

Our pick? Tomo II Come Hither Prostate Massager — it’s a one-of-a-kind, premium, award-winning come hither prostate massager equipped with remote control and multiple vibration settings.

Still unsure what direction to go in when choosing a prostate massager for beginners? Take this quiz! From there, you’ll get helpful suggestions to get you started with taking your prostate wellness — and pleasure — up a notch.



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