The GIDDI Guide to External Prostate Massage

There are lots of reasons you probably ended up in this article — maybe your doctor recommended prostate massage therapy, or maybe you’re looking to explore beyond internal prostate play. Whatever your reason, we’re happy you’re here. 

The external prostate massage offers a mind-blowing way to reach orgasm, or even simply stimulate the prostate. At GIDDI, we’re excited to bring you the latest and greatest info about stimulating the inside from the outside. Let’s dive in!

Why Should You Try External Prostate Massage?

So, why massage the prostate externally? The answer is not so clean-cut. Although the most common reasoning would be a simple preference over internal stimulation, there are other reasons why an external massage might be what you’re looking for. 

To Support Prostate Health

In terms of actually supporting prostate health and sexual health in general, massaging the prostate internally or externally can help provide relief for a number of issues, including:

  • Constipation
  • Urinary retention
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Signs of infection or swelling
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia

If the fluid in the prostate is blocked up in the system, a massage can help release this fluid along with sperm. This could serve as a point of relief, and some healthcare providers even ask for this fluid as a sample to test for other potential health conditions.

It’s Just What You Prefer

When it comes to choosing between internal or external prostate massages, it usually revolves around one thing: personal preference. Whether it be for masturbation, foreplay, or even health reasons, an external prostate massage can provide many of the benefits of a penetrative massage, without the actual penetration.

Everyone will respond to prostate stimulation in their own way. You may have found this article because you are not ready for internal prostate stimulation yet, or maybe you’ve already done that and want to try something different.

This alternative holds vast opportunities to grow in the mind-body connection and further understand what your body responds better to.

Understanding the Prostate


This gland plays a critical role in orgasms, and is very important to understand if you want to dive into this world of multiple orgasms. A P-spot massage can change the way you orgasm thanks to the power of this gland that fits snuggly inside the body just on the other side of the penis.

The prostate, or the “P-spot,” is right behind the bladder and right in front of the rectum. This walnut-sized gland is wrapped around the urethra.

The prostate is the main producer of prostatic fluid, which is the fluid that feeds and carries sperm cells. After sperm are produced, the sperm will combine with the fluid, creating the generally white and milky semen.

During sexual activity or intercourse, the prostate will introduce semen into the urethra. Realizing that the prostate plays a huge role in ejaculation helps you inch closer to a multiple orgasm-filled life.

Prostate orgasms have been known to have a distinct difference from orgasms through stimulation of the penis alone. Many folx have mentioned that prostate orgasms are considerably more full-bodied and typically last longer.

How To Stimulate the Prostate

There are quite a few ways to stimulate the prostate, whether internally or externally, and with or without a partner.

Grab a toy or get handsy. Then settle in to read our tips on proper prostate handling for mind-blowing orgasms that are anything but vanilla.

Massaging the Perineum


When it comes to externally massaging the prostate, it’s important to understand the perineum and how it is linked to the prostate. The perineum, or the taint, is the area between the back of the scrotum (the sack) and the front of the anus.

Get acquainted with your perineum. Feel around and notice how your skin changes in texture. The area closer to your penis will feel thicker. Skip that. Head to the softer area towards your rear. Without the muscles from that frontal area getting in the way, you have easier access to the prostate gland.

You’ll know you’ve found the right place if you feel a sudden urge to pee. Ignore it. Your prostate enables urine to head from your bladder to your urethra as needed. When you ejaculate, it shuts those pathways, letting semen flow instead.

During an external prostate massage, you aren’t ejaculating, so when the fluid heads into the urethra and penis, your body gets confused and associates the feeling with peeing.

Experiment with feather-soft and careful strokes along the perineum, then try firm and faster touching. Be mindful that the prostate can become worn out or even injured if you play too rough. Go slow and ramp things up as you get used to the experience.

If you need a few ideas, think of general massage techniques or the things you usually like in bed. Whatever touches turn you on might be a good way to begin.

Take Advantage of Prostate Massagers


You aren’t limited to your hands. An external massage could come from toys and devices as well. But who says you have to choose?

Spoiler alert: our prostate massagers help do both.

Thor and Tomo II offer up internal and external heads. Those are two sensations in one handy toy. Many people with a prostate discover the most intense experiences using a combination of both internal and external massage.

Our devices are definitely bigger than the average finger, so you may have to work up to it, but once you do … prepare to have your mind blown.

Not sure where to start? Take our quiz to find the right prostate massager that fits your needs.

How To Introduce Your Partner to Prostate Massage


Formal sex education for partner play mostly follows much of the information you can find above. Incorporating external massages into anal play is easier than you think. Conversations about sex can be uncomfortable. Conversations about prostate massage may be downright awkward. Go with it.

If either of you laugh nervously, that’s okay. Figure out what you want to say. Better yet, read our guide on prostate massage. It offers a few tips to take the mystery out of anal play (and kick your inhibitions out of the door).

Either way, you’ll learn a few things about prostate massage (and its benefits) you may not have known before.

Ready To Take It All In?

Listen to your body (and your partner). If something hurts or doesn’t feel right, stop. Start slow and communicate. No one is a mind reader. If you’re flying solo, take your time. There’s no rush.

The prostate gland can be tricky, as most erogenous zones are. Bridge the gap between the known and the new. Once you’ve got the conversation going, you’ll definitely want to get to know Tomo, our award-winning prostate massager.

Kiss “boring” goodbye and bring in a whole new element of fun.


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