Male Erogenous Zones All Partners Should Know About

Have you ever heard of erogenous zones? Maybe never, or perhaps you have once or twice but are wondering… what the heck are those? Erogenous zones are parts of the body, usually packed with nerve endings, that can stimulate sexual arousal when touched.

These spots can be ticklish, sensitive, or located close to more intimate places.

Touching or caressing these spots on your partner can get them hot and heavy. Therefore, erogenous zones are vital to enjoying foreplay and teasing, leading to a more satisfying main event.

Think of that Friends episode when Monica sits Chandler down to give him some sex tips and lists seven sensitive places to focus on while pleasuring a partner (“Seven?!!”).

Erogenous zones can differ between genders and from person to person since we all feel sensations differently and have varying sensitivity (which can dictate whether some zones feel sexy to the touch, or ticklish to the touch!). 

Some lucky individuals with extra sensitivity can reach orgasm by stimulating a nonsexual erogenous zone (think ears or navel) alone. But everyone is different!

Men have precisely 25 erogenous zones on their bodies, and while the zones listed below are popular spots and should be fun to explore, they may not all be for everyone. Take your time, check in with your partner, and have fun!

We’ll start at the top of the body and move south… slowly.


The scalp is often overlooked when touching your partner in pleasurable ways. Try running your fingers through their hair while making out. You can lightly tug on their hair or gently scratch their scalp with your fingernails. The scalp has many nerve endings and can be very ticklish. 

Anyone who’s gotten a scalp massage can attest to its pleasurable sensations. Some partners might even be into getting their hair pulled at the nape of the neck a little harder than others during hot and heavy sex. 


As you and your partner are necking, also known as heavily making out, try to trace the edge of their ear with your tongue or nibble and suck on the earlobe. This is a tender spot, and the added sensation of wetness in the ears can feel delicious!

Breathing or moaning lightly into your partner’s ear can also turn them on by showing how aroused you are. If you’re into dirty talk, you can also whisper something dirty, like how turned on you are or what you’d like to happen next… this is an easy way to kick your sex life up a notch.


An effective way to turn up the heat while kissing is going for the neck. While making out, trail kisses from your partner's mouth down to the sides and back of their nape. The back of their neck is especially sensitive and even ticklish on some, so be gentle. 

Sucking, nibbling, and licking feel amazing on the neck and collar bones. The Adam's apple is also a fun and sensitive spot to swirl your tongue around or plant a kiss. Some partners might enjoy a gentle choke, but always ask first and make sure to receive enthusiastic consent.


Though straightforward, the lips are one of the body's most sensitive areas, packed with nerve endings. It might be easy to zone out while kissing, but you can make it more interesting by exploring with various pressures.

Try brushing your partner's lips as softly as possible with your own, as a tease, or even tracing them with your fingers. As things heat up, biting your partner's lip (gently, or not) can be a great turn-on. You can also try licking their lips with your tongue, sucking on a lip, or softly speaking into their mouth.


Nipples and breasts are a common hotspot on a woman’s body, but the nipples are often overlooked for men, despite being just as sensitive and responsive to touch. Try rubbing, tracing, or pinching your partner's nipples with your fingers.

Or get down and dirty and break out the nipple clamps (with consent, of course). Worried about pinching your nipples? You can always adjust the pressure on your nipple clamps to your liking.

Go further by licking or tracing their nipples with your tongue. If you’re feeling frisky, and are being gentle, try a nibble or bite. This is a sensitive area, so continue to check in with your partner about their comfort level as you play with this sensitive sweet spot. 

Inner Forearm

The inner forearm and wrist are tantalizingly ticklish. Trace this area with a fingertip while making out or massaging your partner. Tracing up and down the arm will make your partner’s hairs stand up on end and heighten the sensations and sensitivity in other areas. 

The lighter the touch you use, the more your partner will tune in. 


As you travel south on your partner’s body, kiss their chest and work your way down the stomach. Try licking or kissing their belly button before moving onto the “happy trail” area below, just before the pubic hairline. This spot, between the belly button and genitals, is a wonderfully sensitive area perfect for teasing.

You can take your time here on your way to giving oral sex. Use your tongue and lips to tickle and nibble the lower belly, and maybe even spread to the hip bones. 

Inner Thighs

Before, during, and after going down on your male partner, give some delicate attention to his (very sensitive) inner thigh area. Plant kisses here or rub and tickle with your hands while your mouth is busy elsewhere (wink). 

The inner thighs are a delightfully sexy area and a sensitive part for anyone of any gender. If you spend time here before oral, it can be a terrific tease to kiss or lick closer and closer to your partner’s genitals.


Your partner’s scrotum, which houses their testicles, is perhaps the most sensitive body part! Some people prefer not to have their scrotum touched very much, but others find intense pleasure in it. 

Check in with your partner, and if they’re willing, explore by squeezing, pulling, sucking, or licking their testicles. Just make sure you start out being gentle.

The scrotum (and scrotal raphe, the seam running along the center of the scrotal sack) is extremely sensitive. Yes, we’ll say it again. The scrotum is extremely sensitive. This means that pain and discomfort are a risk when exploring this area, but it also means there’s potential for amazing sensations at this pleasure point. 

Try giving extra attention to this area while giving oral with a cock ring or a vibrating prostate massager

MOBY, our vibrating pleasure ring, comes with nine different vibration modes, which allows you to enjoy a range of stimulation and maximize your partner’s orgasms. 

vulcan toy

The Vulcan Vibrating Prostate Plug is another sex toy that lets your penis in on the fun. It has two flexible rings: one to wrap around your penis while the other wraps around your scrotum. 

These rings can strengthen your erection and delay climax, extending your enjoyment. The plug part stimulates your prostate directly to lead you to a mind-blowing orgasm.

You can move around, too — put your mouth on the head of the penis and a hand on the scrotum, or wrap your hand around the penis and use your mouth on the scrotum. You can even squeeze, tickle, or pull on your partner’s balls as they’re penetrating you for little extra oomph during your favorite sex positions!


The perineum is the sensitive spot between a man’s testicles and anus. This area can be very responsive to pressure during oral or penetration. Try pressing on it with your fingers or licking it with your tongue during various sexual acts for a strong sexual response. 

If your partner is into anal play or penetration, you can explore their perineum first as a sweet tease before heading south towards the anus (where you’ll find the male G-spot, aka the P-spot). 


prostate diagram

While some of the areas listed above can be accessed easily in public places for a little tease on the way home, these lower regions are best caressed in private. So, what is a prostate?

The prostate is a small gland present in those assigned male at birth, and it contracts during orgasm to produce a fluid that serves as the main carrier for sperm cells in semen. The prostate is very responsive to touch and can be accessed by penetrating the anus a few inches and stroking up towards the navel.

Some describe it as a “come hither” motion. Contrary to popular belief, prostate stimulation isn’t exclusively enjoyed by gay men, but by anyone with a prostate. 

GIDDI has several products for beginners and veterans alike to help you explore the prostate, whether flying solo or with a partner. 

The Thor Rotating Prostate Massager is girthy, remote-controlled, and offers up a hands-free design so you can easily get physical. With three rotating head circles and 16 modes of vibrations, the power to control your climax is in your (or your partner’s) hands.

tomo come hither

The Tomo II Come Hither Prostate Massager incorporates the previously mentioned “come hither” motion and directly strokes your prostate. It is perfectly contoured to fit snugly inside and give you the sensation of being full. Meanwhile, the external head massages your perineum, mentioned above as another erogenous zone! This prostate massager also includes nine powerful vibration modes. 

Ready To Dive In? 

Erogenous zones provide the perfect way to tease and arouse your partner, and can enhance more explicit sexual activity. Touching and caressing these zones can prolong the act of sex by extending the time you spend exploring your partner physically. 

If you start small and slow, focusing on less sexual body parts, you can build up a satisfying tease. Again, every individual is different and may enjoy varying stimulation in specific places. Ask your partner what they desire, or try new things while checking in with each other. 

Part of the fun of intimacy is the growing knowledge of what your unique partner enjoys in the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, since the right partner just wants to pleasure you. It can be daunting to be so straightforward, but we promise, it’s well worth it. Happy exploring!



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