Learn — Prostate Pleasure

Wooden figures in a position representative in bedroom pegging.

How to Introduce Pegging in the Bedroom

Have you always been curious about anal play? Let’s learn more about pegging and how to start that conversation with your partner.

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Close up image of a man holding a Giddi prostate massager

A Comprehensive Guide for How to Have a Prostate Orgasm

New to prostate play? Join GIDDI for a journey of body exploration and healthy methods to reach orgasm through the prostate.

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Close up image of a man laying in bed while holding a Giddi Prostate Massager.

The GIDDI Guide to Getting to Know the P-Spot

Have you always wondered what your P-spot is? Let’s unpack what a prostate is and why you will want to incorporate it into your sex life ASAP.

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