What's the Difference Between Thor & Tomo Prostate Massagers?

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first prostate massager or expand your repertoire, choosing the “right” option makes a huge difference in your prostate play experience. The Thor and Tomo prostate massagers offer different types of stimulation, each providing uniquely pleasurable prostate stimulation. 

However, there’s no “wrong” answer, and having multiple vibrating prostate massagers in your collection increases your pleasure potential exponentially while also helping to avoid the “prostate pleasure plateau.” 

Let’s talk about what each brings to the table.

Meet Thor: Large and In Charge


With reviews like “never have I experienced such a powerful climax in my life” and “I’ve never had an orgasm so powerful,” it’s obvious why Gadget Review awarded Thor Best-in-Class. 

Thor’s one-of-a-kind hands-free design includes dual heads — one that rotates 360° to pleasure the P-spot and another that vibrates to stimulate the perineum (the area of skin between your scrotum and anus) — with three rotation speeds and 16 powerful vibration modes. This is more than just a prostate toy— it might be your new best friend. 

360º Rotating Head


One of the most talked about features of the award-winning Thor prostate massager is its 360° rotating head. As it rotates inside your body, the head mimics the circling motion that is so effective at eliciting mind-blowing prostate orgasms, tapping the prostate until you’re ready to explode. 

As one satisfied customer states, “the rotating tip is unique amongst the toys I’ve tried, and it really helps with a nice … build-up of pleasure.” We’re sure you’ll love how it “licks at the prostate” — you’ve never experienced anything like it.

Large Prostate Massager 

At first glance, the size of the Thor rotating prostate massager may be intimidating for those newer to the experience. However, there is a reason that people call Thor “almost addicting.” Size does matter — at least in this context.

Once inserted into the rectum, a thicker prostate massager may more likely stimulate the prostate. Smaller prostate massagers are more likely to need to be moved around to find and stimulate the prostate just right, which can be challenging for people new to anal play. 

Take it from an experienced Thor customer — “Thor is indeed larger, and when you apply it for the first time, you just need to proceed a little slower, but over time it becomes easy AND it is absolutely comfortable once successfully applied.” 

Just make sure to use plenty of water-based lube. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two questions potential customers ask most frequently about the Thor rotating prostate massager — so let’s tackle them head-on. We want you to feel confident that you’re purchasing the best prostate massager for how you hope to use it. 

How big is Thor?

The Thor rotating prostate massager has a girth of 1.7 inches of non-porous, silky smooth body-safe silicone at its widest point, with an insertable length of 3.75 inches. While that does make it one of our larger options, it is still less girthy than your typical dildo. 

Is Thor good for beginners?

Don’t be intimidated by the larger size of the Thor rotating prostate massager — it is just as accessible for beginners as any of our other options. 

With practice, insertion can be as easy as any other prostate massager, and many people enjoy the sensual feeling of fullness that its larger girth can give. Plus, if you’re new to locating your prostate, it may be easier to stimulate it with a larger prostate massager.

Meet Tomo: Come Hither Magic


Tomo means “friend” in Japanese; just one try will make it clear why we named it that. As one happy reviewer states, this prostate massager will make you feel like you’ve “hit the jackpot.” 

Like Thor, Tomo offers dual heads that can be operated independently — an internal “come hither” head and an external perineum-stimulating head, with three speeds and nine intense vibration patterns. 

It is fully rechargeable in just an hour and made from a waterproof material designed for easy clean-up. The Tomo will give you all the benefits of prostate massage while also leaving your “legs shaking, groaning,... [and your] eyes rolling in the back of [your] head.”

Come Hither Prostate Massager 

As opposed to the rotating motion of Thor, Tomo mimics a “come hither” stroking motion of one of the most pleasurable prostate milking techniques. It provides the perfect amount of pressure and stimulation, while the dual motor design allows the external head to massage the perineum simultaneously. 

As a very satisfied customer said, “the come hither motion is the difference maker.”

Beginner Prostate Massager

If you’re a beginner to prostate massage, the smaller size of the Tomo Come Hither prostate massager may seem less intimidating for penetration. While that may be true, it may also make it more challenging to locate the p-spot compared to some of the more girthy options. 

However, its unique design means that “the TOMO will stay put so the ‘come hither’ motion feels greater and there is no slippage.” Regardless of how wide the prostate massager you choose is, add one of our water-based lubes to checkout. 

Any insertable anal toy must be used with lube (just like with anal sex) — inserting anything into the anus without lube can be painful and even dangerous. Lube keeps everything safe and pleasurable, and water-based lube is the most body-safe and compatible with latex condoms (without increasing the risk of tearing). 

Frequently Asked Questions


Let’s address two of the most frequently asked questions about the Tomo Come Hither prostate massager so you can make the best decision for your body and needs.

How big is Tomo?

The Tomo is slimmer in size than Thor, clocking in with an insertable length of three inches and a girth of 1.25 inches. The Thor and Tomo prostate massagers are made from the same high-quality, body-safe silicone. 

Is Tomo a beginner prostate massager?

The answer will be different for everyone — ultimately, the best prostate massager for beginners is the one you feel the most comfortable using. While some people may find the P-spot with a larger prostate massager easier, one satisfied customer proclaimed that the Tomo “has just the right length and girth to fill me up.” 

Starting with a smaller girth can help you build your confidence with insertion before “graduating” to a larger prostate massager — or sticking with the Tomo if it fulfills all your needs!

The Bottom Line

So, between the Thor and Tomo prostate massager — which one wins? We say, why choose? Each prostate massager has its own benefits, but having multiple options in your collection is recommended. 

Prostate massage isn’t a “one trick pony,” and the body can get accustomed to a single sensation or routine, making it harder to reach orgasm. Multiple options, with different stimulation methods, can be just what you need to break that cycle, enhance the experience, and get back to having mind-blowing prostate orgasms. 

Keep the body guessing and prevent the “prostate pleasure plateau” by investing in your experience with the P-Spot Explorer bundle


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