Introducing MOBY, the Classiest Vibrating Pleasure Ring


We've expanded beyond providing you the best prostate massager and into alternative pleasure devices designed specifically for couples.

When we decided to launch a new GIDDI pleasure device, we wanted to choose a fun sex toy that was easy to use and could be enjoyed by a variety of customers. Through market research and anecdotal evidence, we discovered that almost anyone can enjoy penis rings. So, after exploring several different rings and figuring out which rings work best, we launched the MOBY Vibrating Pleasure Ring.

MOBY takes your sexual experiences to the next level. Its snug fit makes erections bigger, stronger, and last longer. MOBY’s powerful vibration brings added pleasure to the man and his partner. It’s both easy to secure and comfortable to use. And with nine different vibration modes, you can enjoy a range of stimulation and maximize your orgasms.


Here is the what, who, when, why, and how about rings, and why MOBY is the right one for you.


A pleasure ring, also known as a couples ring, cock ring, c-ring or penis ring is a flexible sex toy, usually made of silicone or plastic, that is secured around the penis to make erections last longer. Rings can also be made out of almost anything, like velcro or rope, but those rings are less sterile, less effective, and less fun!

There are several types of couples rings on the market -- from a simple, stretchy plastic ring that can be worn around the penis, or stretched around the penis and testicles, to other, more advanced versions. Couples rings can even be textured. Some rings have vibrators, penis and ball dividers, and include anal stimulators.

Most penis rings are flexible and adjustable, but some are fixed. We recommend adjustable rings. We all know that one size does not fit all… and it’s better to have a flexible ring that can be secured easily, than one that doesn’t fit.

With the most common, simple rings, the benefits are most often limited only to the man who is wearing it, and the ring can become uncomfortable when worn for too long. Due to the cheap materials most simple rings are made of, they can trap bacteria and deteriorate over time.

MOBY is an evolved, vibrating couples ring. With the powerful vibration, it brings added pleasure to both the man wearing it and his partner. MOBY is made of higher quality, more durable materials than other rings, making it more comfortable to wear and longer lasting. It can be your go-to sex toy for years to come.

As with all your pleasure devices, you should clean MOBY before and after use. Wash it in warm water and a respected antibacterial soap, rinse with clean hot water, and pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. Never use cleansers containing alcohol, petrol or acetone.


When the penis is semi-erect or erect, slip the ring around the penis, or penis and testicles, until it is snug and secure. MOBY stretches easily, so you don’t need to worry about breaking it. We also recommend using a water-based lube when securing the ring to the penis to ensure easy use and removal.

Once it is secure, you can use the nine different vibration modes to explore what feels best to you and your partner. Some users prefer one or two vibration modes. Others prefer to cycle through all nine modes.

Each user experience is different. You should feel free to try the different modes until you find what feels right and brings you, and your partner, heightened pleasure.


Vibrating couples rings are for anyone with a penis to use with their partner. It is a value-add to your sexual experience and can spice up your relationship.

It is also easy to use and not intimidating like other, more complicated sex toys. You will be a pro from the moment you put it on.

With MOBY, the sleek, discreet design and sophisticated aesthetic make it a pleasure to use. And because it’s of a much higher quality than other rings on the market, you don’t have to worry about shoddy materials and common malfunctions.

Some people have even compared the MOBY and TOMO designs to avant-garde art pieces that they could display prominently in their home!


MOBY can be used throughout your sexual experience. Once you secure it around the penis, or the penis and testicles, you can use it during foreplay to get aroused and arouse your partner.

You can use it during sex to stimulate you both, and help you achieve heightened orgasms. You can wear it after you finish while still stimulating your partner until they orgasm. You can also remove it during sex and finish without the ring.

This entry level sex toy can be used however you choose, without worrying about complications that can happen with other, more intricate and advanced sex toys.


Adding a ring to your sexual experience is a great way to spice up your sex life and stimulate both partners in a fun way, without overcomplicating the experience with lots of bells and whistles.

MOBY is flexible, adjustable, and easy to secure. And it is easy to remove if the stimulation becomes too intense.

Also, by integrating a new and exciting toy into your sex life, you bring added excitement to the experience and promote sexual wellness in your relationship.

It’s always important to try new things and find new ways to connect with your partner, and MOBY is an easy way to do just that.


MOBY is a high quality, affordable, and durable vibrating ring. It’s both easy to secure and comfortable to use. You can experience heightened pleasure from the comfort of your own home. And with nine different vibration modes, you can enjoy a range of stimulation and maximize your pleasure experience. It is a fun, easy way to explore new sexual positions and possibilities with your partner. With MOBY, pleasure is yours.

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