Cupid's Three Step Guide to Sexual Wellness

Legend has it that Roman Emperor Claudius II thought unmarried men would make better soldiers and outlawed marriage while Rome was at war. A Christian cleric named Valentine started secretly performing marriage ceremonies for Roman soldiers and when he was discovered, Claudius sentenced him to death. Valentine then became the patron saint of love and on February 14, our GIDDI team celebrates love, romance, and all that goes with it, especially sexual wellness. 

Whether you’re single or partnered, Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of your sexual wellness. If you're enjoying our best prostate massager, then you know all about pleasure and wellness combined. Learning to love your body and satisfy your sexual desires is a key component to a healthy life. We consulted our resident experts and this year’s focus is on clarity, and that starts with a clean body.

Step 1: Clean Body

Sudsing up in the shower before you start your day is great, but to truly relax and get in touch with your body, we recommend a steamy bath. You can incorporate essential oils like lavender, bath salts, or bubble bath. You can light candles or incense. Anything to create an atmosphere of sensuality and relaxation is good. And definitely unplug. Playing music is fine but don’t check your phone and absolutely no social media. Take a break from looking at other people’s lives and appreciate the skin you’re in.

Step 2: Clear Mind

Meditation is the practice of clearing your mind so that you can more easily focus on one thing without getting distracted. Meditation doesn’t have to be silent though. There are tons of guided meditation classes out there--in person, online, and through mobile apps. Learning to quiet your mind and push out the negativity will help you experience gratitude for what you have, and be comfortable enough with yourself to let go of any insecurities in the bedroom.

Step 3: Let Go

Once you’ve cleaned your body and cleared your mind, it’s time to let go. The simple act of touching yourself while looking in the mirror can be very hot. You can do it alone or with a partner. You can explore sexual fantasies and watch them come true, and enjoy the health and wellness benefits of orgasms, including boosting endorphin and oxytocin levels. Incorporating prostate massage into your sexual wellness routine also has many benefits. To learn more, read our blog post: Health & Wellness Benefits of Prostate Massage.

As long as you’re safe, consensual, and having fun, the sky's the limit.

This Valentine’s Day, remember to love yourself, enjoy yourself, and be kind to your behind with TOMO. We will also be offering new GIDDI products, including lubricants and wipes, very soon. Stay tuned!

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