TEST Prostate Milking: How to milk your prostate

Do you know the old saying, "you can't milk a bull"? Well, it turns out that you can milk your prostate. That's right, you heard me: Prostate Milking is a thing!

If you're looking for some information on how to do prostate milking or curious as to why people would even bother doing something like this in the first place, then read on!

This article will give you all the information that you need so that your curiosity is satisfied and your mind is at ease (or maybe even excited). And don't worry - we'll be gentle ;

What is Prostate Milking?

People are curious about the question 'What is prostate milking?"

Prostate milking refers to the stimulation of the male g spot located inside the anus near the base of his penis. This g spot is the walnut-sized gland called a prostate. The prostate is reached via anal penetration. The term milking is not referring to the milky white color of the fluids ejaculating but rather to the motion of the finger massaging the prostate, which is like hand milking a cow.

The practice of prostate milking is rooted in sensual and wellbeing factors, and you can find professional prostate massaging practitioners plying their trade in the spirit of wellness. Many of these practitioners allow customers to touch and hug, knowing that this adds to this sensual experience.

Why Do Men Get Themselves Milked?

Men usually get themselves milked because they enjoy feeling good pleasurable sensations by stimulating the prostate. You can milk solo, have someone else milk you, or by using toys such as vibrators or dildos. Some men feel it's a good idea is to use butt plugs.

Some men also believe that getting themselves milked helps them achieve stronger orgasms through prostate stimulation. And there is support for therapeutic health benefits from prostate milking.

But to be honest, much of the time, it stems from a curiosity about what it is like to have your prostate milked. How to milk the prostate gland is on the radar of many guys, but they will exercise deniable plausibility if asked.

The choices come down to it is sexual, therapeutic, or both. In my experience, it is both. But immediately, the release is intense and relaxes your whole body. Or is that therapeutic?

Whatever, it feels nice.

How to Milk Your Prostate

There are three options for how to milk your prostate gland when it comes to getting a grasp on it.

You can either:

  1. Go solo
  2. Have a partner do it for you or
  3. Use toys

If this is your first time, and for each man who has experienced a prostate massage, we all had a first time. And yes, many men find prostate massage stimulating as well.

Is Milking Your Prostate Safe?

If you take care with personal hygiene and be gentle, do not force anything, and make sure you clip your nails if using fingers in your rectum. Milking your prostate can be a safe, relaxing, and stimulating experience.

Take your time, and if anything hurts, stop. It is gentle pressure that you use, no rough stuff. Remember the "wax on wax off" approach in Karate Kid. Smooth, gentle actions.

Be wary of possible risks. If you find bleeding in your back passage, you should seek medical advice. It may mean you have a tear in the lining of your rectum or colon. The last thing you want is to get an infection. Any pain means stop. Scratching and too much pressure should be avoided.

Steps for Successful Prostate Milking

If you are flying solo, then make sure your fingernails are trimmed and smooth. The anus and prostate are sensitive, and it is easy to break the skin surface. This can lead to bleeding and infection.

Getting Ready

Empty your bowels before you start and your bladder. Massaging the prostate can make you think you are urinating, and having a finger or other object in your anus produces the sensation of emptying your bowels.

Some men like to flush their anal area inside and outside with warm water. If you haven't got a douche, a makeshift way of doing this is to remove the showerhead, use some lube on your bum and gently slip the hose into your anal opening. Slightly turning the shower on produces a comfortable flow. Use a bucket to collect residual matter. You can flush this down the toilet.

Then showering and freshening up is nice, particularly if your partner is helping you.

Make sure you have plenty of water-based or silicone-based lube on hand. Silicon-based lube is reputed to stay wetter longer than water-based lube. But water-based lube tastes nicer.

The key is to use plenty of lube in and around your anus and also on the finger(s) entering your back passage.

Getting Started

Slow and gentle is the key. The muscle around your anus will involuntarily tighten with a foreign body entering you. Let yourself relax, and allow the finger or toy to gently and slowly enter. Don't push it. A toy with slow, gentle vibrations will relax your anus easier than a finger. I find a gentle rotation of a finger just inside my anus does help. When the sphincter muscle has started to relax, it then moves towards your prostate.

You may feel aroused. That's normal.

Take Your Positions

Getting into a comfortable position is key to having a happy and successful experience.

Three popular positions are

  1. Lying on your back with a pillow under your pelvis to lift your anus,
  2. Doggy style with legs spread or
  3. Lying on your side with the top leg bent and swung forward.

These positions give easier access to your back passage.

Your ultimate choice of a position will depend on whether your fingers are doing the work or a willing partner helping you.

But we are all individuals. Try different positions and settle on the one that is most comfortable for you.

Have towels and tissues handy. A successful prostate milking will produce milky fluid rolling from your penis and put you in a very relaxed state. You may just want to experience the sensations that come without worrying about cleaning up.

How Do I Find My Prostate

The prostate is found 2 to 4 inches up your colon between the base of your penis and your bladder. It is the size of a walnut and is sensitive to the touch. Most of the time, fingers can access the prostate.

But be gentle. It's not a race!

The Action

Once you have located your prostate, it may take a few minutes before it starts feeling good. That's no excuse to go fast. Stay gentle and calm.

There are three easy ways to milk your prostate.

The first is ringing the doorbell. You gently apply pressure on the prostate and then release it. You can vary the speed; time pressure is applied to change the stimulation.

The second way is moving your finger in a "come to me" motion to gently stroke the prostate gland.

The third way is to circle the gland with your finger. You can make larger rings around the gland and sometimes make smaller rings on the gland, altering the sensation.

Milking Solo

I like doing this in a full bath. It is relaxing, and resting my back upright makes it easier for my fingers to slide over my groin and access my rectum. My body is in a similar position to doggy but relaxing in the water.

The difficulty with solo finger milking is flexible enough to enjoy the experience. My preference is to use a battery-powered vibrating prostate massager. These are waterproof and can be used in a bath or bed. And boy, they do the job.

Being Milked by Your Partner

Having a willing partner milking your prostate becomes an expression of intimacy. Lying on your back, looking into their eyes, and enjoying their body can be a swayful way to experience prostate milking. If your partner also has a prostate gland, it is great to reciprocate.

Again like solo, your partner can use their fingers or a prostate stimulator. Visual and tactile stimulation can play a part in partner milking. Make sure their fingernails are trimmed back and smooth.

And yes, done right, prostate milking is pleasurable, and you never know. It may not be the only thing done in the bedroom that night.

Prostate Orgasm

Some men can orgasm solely through prostate massage.

For many men, they experience their penis getting hard then softening again. This is not a problem, and many sensual feelings go through your groin, balls, and penis.

For most men, to enjoy prostate orgasm, they need to couple a prostate massage with masturbation or oral sex. This can intensify the orgasm and, in some cases creating a whole-body orgasm.

Medical Benefits of Prostate Milking

Milking the prostate gland does not on its own normally lead to orgasm. It causes the prostatic fluid to flow from the prostate gland through the penis and out of your body. It can be pleasurable and intimate, but the testes do not usually produce sperm when you have a prostate milking.

Many people who perform prostate massages believe prostate massage is good for the treatment of chronic prostatitis or enlarged prostate. Men with prostate cancer and prostate inflammation have been known to get health benefits from milking their prostate.

Do Doctors Milk Your Prostate?

Doctors can check the prostate with their gloved fingers. But sometimes, they just want to get in and out as fast as possible. There are times where they need a prostatic fluid sample for a diagnosis. Then they will apply gentle pressure to your prostate for a few minutes until some fluid flows out.

Regular prostate milking has in the past been used as a method to keep the prostate from swelling and has been said to help with urinary tract pressure.

As a treatment for enlarged prostate, a study in the 1990s showed no significant beneficial effects, leaving the general view of prostate milking being used as a sexual activity. However, there is much anecdotal evidence that regular prostate massage enhances wellness, especially where men do not have regular sex.

Fingers or Toys

Just as the dairy milking sheds have moved from hand milking in a bucket to suction cup machine milking, many men use prostate massagers to milk themselves.

The easiest benefit is a vibrating toy in place leaves your hands free to stimulate other parts of your body and allows persistent vibrating pleasure stimulating the nerves on your anus and prostate, resulting in heightened pleasure and more successful results.

Using sex toys means prostate milking with two male partners can happen together, enriching the anal play experience for each. Using a good water-based lube helps. And with a female partner, using a toy means using her hand to stimulate you and vice versa.

Overall, toys win hands down!

Prostate Massagers

The question of size, vibration options, ease of cleaning, and how it feels inside all come into play is important.

A vibrating prostate massager both stimulates the prostate gland and the anus creating more pleasurable sensations.

The first time you insert a prostate massager or butt plug can be uncomfortable, and you just need to let your sphincter muscle customize itself to the massager.

And as a new user, it is good to get a beginners kit that provides everything you need to enjoy the sexual and wellness benefits of prostate milking safely in your own home.

Buying Your Kit

Prostate milking is a private and discrete endeavor. It can feel disempowering or embarrassing, fronting up to a sex shop to buy your kit. But there is an easier way.

Ordering online with reputable adult toy suppliers is safe, secure and the product arrives in discrete unbranded packaging.

Enjoying The Experience

Lie back, close your eyes, feel the alluring pleasures of prostate milking, let your body relax, allow yourself sensual stimulation, and enjoy the flow.

Waves of pleasure can accompany a prostate orgasm that is wildly different from an erectile-only orgasm. Whether you are with a partner or solo, let this be your time. And enjoy.

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