Anal Plugs

Anal Plugs

Whether you’re already an anal sex enthusiast or just curious about butt play, one thing rings true: anal plugs are worth a try. 

The benefits can turn the dial on your sex life up to 11, here’s why:

  • Anal plugs can get you comfortable with stimulating your anus
  • Anal plugs allow you to experience different sensations that stimulate the pleasurable nerve endings of the anus
  • Anal plugs are inclusive to folks with any genitalia 
  • Anal play can lead to intense out-of-this-world orgasms 

Anal plugs can be used for various reasons, whether you are trying to prepare your body for anal sex or looking for a stimulating sensation. There are a variety of anal plugs ranging in shape, size, and materials. 

You can find an anal plug that suits your needs best and will introduce a different type of anal pleasure into your sex life. 

Let’s discuss what an anal plug is, how to use an anal plug for maximum pleasure, and why it deserves a place in your bedroom. 

What is an Anal Plug?

An anal plug is a sex toy designed to fit inside your anus and stay there while you partake in sexual activity. It’s also fairly simple to use, which is a bonus for beginners.

While there are definitely some factors you need to watch out for and remember while using one, adding an anal plug doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Anal plugs should have a flared base, and their size should fit your comfort levels, but what other factors should you look out for? We’re here to tell you that a vibrating anal plug can add a unique experience to anal play. 

Vibrating anal plugs can add a sensation of constant fullness. If you are ready to add this new level of pleasure to your sex life, check out the Vulcan Vibrating Prostate Plug, our most powerful vibrating plug with built-in penis and scrotum rings designed for extended wear and a hands-free experience.

Getting Ahead With Your Behind

anal plug

In anticipation, wearing an anal plug can help prepare you for the mechanics and sensations of your first anal experience. 

Anal plugs can be pleasurable for anyone. For those with a prostate, anal plugs should rest on/stimulate your p-spot, which will create an intensely pleasurable sensation. 

What exactly is the prostate? The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that is located about two to three inches inside the anus. It is loaded with nerve endings, making it super sensitive in all the best ways. 

After applying lube, insert the anal plug and squeeze your muscles around it to increase the pleasure factor. Most people find that putting pressure on the prostate when sexually aroused can lead to intense orgasms. The anal plug will stimulate your prostate while dry humping, receiving or giving oral sex, and touching or being touched.

Anal plugs will get you accustomed to the sensations and give you a tip-off as to what your limits are when it comes to exploring anal sex. 

Remember, a little discomfort is natural, but pain isn’t. If what you’re feeling is unbearable, stop immediately. Anal plugs are meant to make sexual experiences more pleasurable and provide new, exciting sensations. 

Who Are Anal Plugs For?

Anal plugs are meant foranybody and every body. Both penis owners and vagina owners can experience pleasure with anal plugs. If you have a prostate, anal plugs can stimulate the P-Spot, and if you have a vagina, it can create incredibly pleasurable pressure on the back vaginal wall.

Anal plugs also allow both partners’ hands and attention free to roam elsewhere. A humble anal plug can turn any solo session into a memorable one as it provides you a “full” feeling in your bottom and rubs against your prostate. 

Are Butt Plugs Safe to Use?

Short answer: yes! Anal plugs are totally body-safe as long as the base is flared. This secures part of the toy outside of your body without risk of it getting stuck in your rectum. 

If you do not use an anal plug with a flared or curved base, you may increase the risk of it traveling into your anal canal and potentially as far up as your digestive tract. 

How Long Can I Use Anal Plugs?

Unlike other toys, like cock rings, anal plugs are often used for an extended period of time. Anal plugs can be worn for a few minutes or a few hours. However, if you are a beginner, it might be best to take the anal plug out after a few minutes and check in on how your body feels. 

Don’t forget to re-apply lube if you want to continue wearing the anal plug.

Akin to leaving the house without underwear, some people find wearing an anal plug during the day can be highly erotic. Not only will you feel a pleasurable sensation from wearing an anal plug, but it can also feel kinky and exciting to wear an anal plug when no one around you knows it’s happening!

However, whether you are wearing it for 30 minutes or two hours, you want to be sure it is comfortable. Although it may cause an unfamiliar sensation, it should never cause pain or discomfort. If it does, take it out. 

Talk About It With Your Partner


If you are ready to introduce anal plugs into your sex life and explore with your partner, the first step is to talk to them. Every great relationship, especially a sexual relationship, is based on open and honest communication.

Be sure to bring this up with your partner when the two of you are not partaking in any sexual activity. This will allow your partner to think clearly without the need to feel pressured into something that they may not be comfortable with.

You can tell your partner you’ve read about anal plugs or saw it in porn. Then, you can ask your partner if they have any thoughts on the matter or if they would ever be curious to try it out.

However, if your partner still has hesitations or is uninterested in anal play, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate anal plugs into your masturbation sessions or start with an anal training kit!

How to Use an Anal Plug

anal plug

First, coat your anal plug and butthole with plenty of lubricant and get into a comfortable position. Then, once you are ready, take the well-lubed anal plug and insert it into your anus.

The best type of lube to use in this situation is one that will linger. Because your anus is not self-lubricating, a well-lubed plug should be slowly introduced to the rectum. If this is your first time using an anal plug, you will want to go very slowly and use a water-based lubricant that stays put and provides extra cushion and superior glide.

As the plug enters you, it will pass through the sensitive external muscle. Then, you can angle it up about 45 degrees and push it in a little further. Remember to take your time and stop if you feel any pain.

Practice deep breathing during this process so your muscles don’t tighten up. Once the anal plug is in place, you should feel a sense of fullness and pressure pushing against your P-spot. 

Once you feel the full sensation, you can leave it as is or gently squeeze and relax your muscles, moving your body for a hands-free internal massage.

How to Remove an Anal Plug

anal plug

If you’ve climaxed while wearing the plug, give your body a moment to relax before attempting to remove it. Be gentle and move slowly, no matter how easy or difficult it is to remove your anal plug. 

Gently pull on the flared base of the anal plug until you feel it blocked by your external muscles. Once this happens, take a slow deep breath as your muscles ease, allowing the anal plug to slide out. Sometimes this is all you need to do to remove the anal plug, and it will come right out. 

The most important thing to do here is not to panic. As long as your anal plug has a flared base, there is no risk of it getting lost or stuck in your body. Just stay relaxed and take your time. 

How To Clean Your Anal Plug When You’re Done

Anal Plugs

Once the anal plug is removed, wash it with warm water, spritz with Wicked Foam Toy Cleaner, and leave it to air dry. We also recommend the UV sterilizer bag, which kills 99.9% of all germs that may cause infection in three minutes flat. It also doubles as a storage case for your anal toys!

No matter how well you clean your plugs, it’s best not to share your anal plug, just in case!

How Are Anal Plugs Different From Other Anal Toys?

From glass butt plugs to jeweled butt plugs, there are a few types of anal toys that you can use in the bedroom, and they all serve different purposes. Aside from anal plugs, common anal toys include: 

Anal Beads

Anal beads look pretty much how you would imagine them to. It is a series of beads ranging in size, from small to extra-large, and connected through the middle by a string. The beads are smaller at the tip and larger at the base. Their shape provides an easy way to work up to the larger beads without going too far into your anus.

These differ from anal plugs because they are longer and not designed to stay inside you during other sexual activities. Most of the time, anal beads are pulled in and out of the anus to provide a different sensation. 


Dildos are sex toys that are designed to resemble a life-like penis. Like anal beads, they are not designed to stay in place during sexual activity. In fact, not all dildos have a flared base, so you may have to keep your hand on the toy and move it in and out of the anus or have your partner wear a strap-on.

Additionally, since many dildos are designed for vaginal entry, many people find they are too big for anal play. If you decide you want to use a dildo to penetrate your behind, stay cautious about the size!


To add some extra spice to your date night, insert the vibrating anal plug and give your partner the remote (like Vulcan’s wireless and rechargeable remote control) while on a walk, at a party, or out to dinner together. 

Giving someone else the power over your pleasure can be incredibly sexy and set the tone for mind-blowing orgasms to enjoy.



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