What Is an Anal Douche & Should You Use One?

Douching often feels like the elephant in the room during conversations about sex. No one wants to talk about it, some people don’t know what it even is, and a lot of people want more guidance on how to do it. 

We’re here to help cut the stigma around something that is a normal part of people’s pre-sex routine and help you figure out how and when to do it.

Anal douching can seem overwhelming and intimidating, and you should never feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do. However, once you get the tips and tricks necessary to douche successfully, you might wonder how you ever lived without it. 

Douching can leave you ready for anal play, feeling clean and confident. 

What Is an Anal Douche? 

What Is An Anal Douche & Should You Use One?

Although the word “douche” might make the process sound more complicated, anal douching is pretty straightforward. An anal douche’s purpose is simple: to clean out the interior of your anus with water. 

The douche is the name of the tool that people commonly use to clean out their anus. There are different choices for the kind of douche you use, ranging in size and shape, so feel free to try a few out to discover which feels the most comfortable for you. 

Why Is Douching Necessary?

For some people, peace of mind comes with feeling extra clean. If you are interested in anal play, it’s no secret that you will be dealing with a hole that can get messy sometimes. However, this shouldn’t deter you from experiencing the pleasure that comes with anal play! You just need to figure out how to clean the area and avoid any major issues properly. 

Luckily, your rectum can usually keep any bowel movements high enough to not interfere with anal play. So, if you are feeling squeamish about the douching process, a trip to the bathroom and a good shower will be sufficient. 

But if you want a deeper clean for a mess-free experience, you might want to try an anal douche. 

How To Douche Your Anus

So, you have decided that you want to partake in some anal play and be extra clean. You buy your douche, and now you’re standing in your bathroom staring at the device (that resembles a turkey baster), wondering what you should do. 

Well, first things first, take a deep breath! It’s an easy process – we promise booty explorers!

Whether you have a new or recently used douche, you should start by cleaning the nozzle with gentle soap and warm water. This helps prevent bacteria from getting inside your rectum and potentially causing harm. 

Fill the bulb with warm water, then place the clean nozzle on top of the bulb. Place a thick and compatible lubricant with any material, like our Wicked Jelle Water Based Anal Lube, on the exterior of your anus. 

Get in position for insertion.Some of the most common comfortable positions are sitting on the toilet, lying on your side, or squatting over a towel or inside the tub. 

Slowly insert the nozzle into your anus and squeeze water inside. Once you’ve squeezed the water, remove the nozzle from your anus and hold the water inside of you for ten to 15 seconds. After ten seconds, release the water. You can repeat this process as much as you would like. 

After you have repeated the process enough to feel clean, clean off the nozzle of the douche, let it dry, and store it in a safe place. And you’re done!

What Else You Can Do For Your Anus

What Is An Anal Douche & Should You Use One?

In addition to using a douche, you can do plenty of things to keep the area as clean as possible. 

Clean Up

Right before you douche, and about 30 to 60 minutes before any anal play, you should make a trip to the bathroom. This will ensure that your bowels are empty and give you a great place to start.

Additionally, if you douche hours before sex, feel free to wipe down the area with soap, water, a towel, or a baby wipe. 


If you are wondering how your diet plays into the cleanliness of the area, you are not alone. Your diet can play a large part in keeping your anus clean. 

The best way to keep your diet in check for anal play is to incorporate plenty of protein and fiber into your daily meals. The protein in your meals will harden your poop, and the fiber will make it easier to push out. This means that your bowel movements will be more regular and less messy.

Better diet = better anal sex.

Hygiene During Sex

What Is An Anal Douche & Should You Use One?

Now that you have the pre-sex routine down, you might be wondering what you can do during anal play to avoid any messes. 


If you aren’t a fan of post-sex laundry (who is?), you should invest in a trusty anal play towel. Laying a towel on the bed will comfort you and your partner. With a towel on the bed, you don’t need to worry about any lube or fecal matter on your sheets. 

Another great idea is to place a towel down next to the bed. This is a great way to create a designated landing spot for toys, such as a prostate massager, lube, or other tools used during sex. 


If you are still hesitant about getting messy, you can always use a glove! Although putting on a glove may seem un-sexy, nothing is hotter than feeling comfortable and ready to go during sex. 

Latex gloves come in large packs at the drugstore but might feel a little thick. Also, check with your partner and ask if they have a latex allergy! If the drugstore gloves feel too thick, you can follow the example of tattoo artists and use thinner, medical-grade gloves. 

You should be able to buy these gloves online or at a local tattoo shop. 

Don’t Switch Holes

If you are having sex with someone who has a vagina, be sure not to switch from the anus to the vagina. This will promote the spread of harmful bacteria that can cause a yeast infection or other issues.

If you want to switch from the anus to the vagina, change condoms or clean the penis or sex toy thoroughly.


Anal douches are a normal pre-sex routine process, and you should never feel ashamed to talk about it with your friends or partner. It is a safe process, although it’s recommended you don’t do it more than two to three days a week. 

Be sure to get the right tools, fill it with warm water, and use plenty of lube. Once you try it a few times, you should be good to go!


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